February 29, 2008

List: & More Unexploded Cows: & More Unexploded Cows

-Bonfire on Ocean Beach in San Francisco - in the city, even beach fires are surrounded by several dozen other beach fires.

-My underwear are both 100% cotton & 100% algodon. 200%!

-I saw this band, the Oakland-founded Fishtank Ensemble, perform at the Ashkenaz last Wednesday. They are gypsy-ish, with amazing fiddle & accordion playing, but they also boast a rockin' Japanese Saraimon player. Go to their MySpace & listen to their song "Saraimon".

-Cheapass Games is a company which makes games without the interchangeable parts (like, bring your own dice, poker pieces, monopoly money, &c.) Meaning that they're $7.50 instead of $29.99. We've been playing "Unexploded Cow" all week, which involves blowing up British Mad Cows in French fields. The game is chaotic, with a large deck of "cow" & "event" cards with crazy properties. Also, several blank cards - which led me to write the company requesting many more blank cards, to create many more cows. Possibly, a whole extra deck of cows & events on its way.

-It's March!

-The Latest from Jenny Ruth traveling in Bolivia:

Shit! As usual, I composed a long message and it got erased before I was able to send it.

I´m tired and the computer is slow, but the main point is that I start volunteering with monkeys here at the refuge in the rainforest tomorrow. There are some great pictures that Charlotte took today. It´s all exciting and a great opportunity and extremely wet but the sad part (for me) is that the monkeys that I´ll be working with I will feed and do a lot of cleaning for but I´m not allowed any contact at all with them because they are being prepared to be re-released into the wild (!). It´s awesome to be a part of that aspect of it and I´ll still get to walk through the areas where I can play with these fun ones. There are all kinds of animals in the park but you don´t get to choose what your job is and you cannot visit other areas of the park during your stay. The other opportunity that I may have been given was working with an oscilot. I have no idea how to spell that.

More later, I miss and love you all,



How do you titillate an Ocelot?

Answer to the Joke:

You oscillate its tit a lot.

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