March 24, 2008

I will repose upon the couches of Jesus Christ our Lord Savior (On Tape)

On those vast shady hills between America & Albions shore;
Now barr'd out by the Atlantic sea: call'd Atlantean hills:
Because from their bright summits you may pass to the Golden world
An ancient place, archetype of many Emperies,
Rears its immortal pinnacles, built in the forest of God
By Ariston the king of beauty for his stolen bride,

-William Blake, America a Prophecy (1793), 10:5-10

Hello. A few links & quotes, before I bore the blogosphere with audio of me reading my own poetry.

Here's a website with beautiful 360° images: Mt Everest. Rio de Janiero.

Hopefully, we will soon be welcoming Mr Southworth People to our team of international bloggers, as's Science & Ice-Climbing Correspondent. Onward & Upward!

I talked to Miss Jenny Ruth on the phone Saturday, from her monkey refuge outside of Cochabamba, Bolivia. She had two pieces of sad news. First, a spider monkey dissected & annihilated her digital camera, so videos & images of her trip will be lost to posterity & this series of tubes. Second, her favorite spider monkey, named Jenny, who had to be tied up because of a naughty escapist streak, escaped for the last time & was electrocuted on a fence. In Memoriam, Venit Quod Monachus.

Now! I've been experimenting with poetry reading accompanied by my blue mountain Fluke Ukulele. The first is a short doggerel - Poem about Spiders & Birds:

And this longer one, Alternate Lyrics, recorded this morning, is loosely based on my old song, "I'm goin' to see my Lord", which can be heard here or here.

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