March 08, 2008

Ahoy: "Saga of Jenny" On Tape!

"I poured a double shot into a glass of ice, & recalled the years of living & conniving". So wrote the bard, read here below by myself. Click on the lovely picture to the left to read the original poem, or listen to the ten minute version. Meanwhile, it's a spectacular sunny Saturday in Berkeley, California! Stop reading your own poetry into a microphone & go for a bike ride!

UPDATE: Okay, it finally works. You can hear it here by clicking on the player below, or download it by clicking on the picture to the right.


Anonymous said...


too bad you can't get professional recordings of these readings

ß&dragon said...

I want to record it again, with different inflection on a bunch of lines. And without the background traffic & the significant errors (such as the mysterious omission of line 3).