March 24, 2008

Advertisement: Kraklukrit: Journal of Circumpolar Studies

My northern friends & British Empirical friends & one cold, cold Eritrean friend - (by names, Heilbran K. Bremselhäcker, Arthur Sticklebackton-Niddley, Luzhbina Z. W. Qhaddafi-Condori, Desmond A. Woolf, W.J.K. Chesterfield, Enoch G.A. Bartholemew II) - have finally scraped & saved for satellite tube hook-up to publish their long-awaited 2003 issue of Kraklukrit, a Journal of Circumpolar Studies, described as "an irregularly published journal which celebrates the fantastic diversity and creativity of the micturative literary traditions of the Northern tundra.". The original print edition is impossible to locate in equatorial California, so read it online while it's still up.

A sample: published without permissions:

And so did Isi’imut, thrice-hearted Isi’imut
Fur-chested son of those dark-bound lands
Wander then upon an igloo, frosted spire

Of ice, and also of slightly colder ice

And did greet the ffeoff-lord,
Halmit Four-bellies

And was, in tradition of our noble forebears,
after feasting on the viscerae of
the clubbed seal[...]

-From The Shitknife of Isi’imut
translated W. J. K. Chesterfield MA (Oxon) DPhil (Cantab) PhLim (Calcutta)