February 16, 2008

The Relationship between the Distant Future & the Present

Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 14:19:04 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: Writing Assignment #2
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James, I am ready for the next assignment. I am ready.


James Eliot Quill <____________@gmail.com> wrote:
Due: 1/31/08
250 words or more

James: The relationship between the distant past & the present
Liam: The relationship between the distant future & the present

The Relationship between the Distant Future and the Present:

An Exposé of Tumult

The following Conversations were chosen at Random for the purpose of News.*


- Hey.

- Hey, what's going on?

- Come on, don't give me that shit.

- What shit!?

- Nevermind.

- Sooooo, what are you up to?

- I can't even talk to you anymore.


- Did you remember that thing I was trying to accomplish?

- Well, no. Not Yet. I can't always do what you were trying to do.

- I am trying.

- Not when I try. You'll be just like me some day. You'll see.

- And now? I guess I just have to wait. (asshead)

-What did you say?

- Nothing.

- No. What did you just say?

- You did.

- What?

- Just say something. Who are you anyhow - you, or me?

- Don't start with that shit again.

- Whatever, too late.


- Hey, what do you pay for this service?

- I get a pretty good deal. I know someone.

- Could you hook me up?

- What do you care? I mean, who is capable of tracking you down?

- I don't know, but I get a bill. And if they are able to establish a connection between the two of us, they can probably track me down.

- Hmm. Say you don't pay, and they catch you, what would they do to you, what could they do?

- I'm not sure, but the thought is paralyzing.

- Then they've already won.

- Who? I don't follow.

- Nevermind.


- Whew! What a week!

- Tell me about it!

- What the fuck do you know about it!?

- More than you'll ever know.

- I just wanted to talk about it with someone, that's all. Can't you just forget about yourself for a moment and lend an ear?

- Sure, But I am not sure what to say.

- You always say that.

*These conversations between Present and the Distant Future are brought to you by TimeCOMM, bringing you communication solutions, brought you communication solutions, will bring you communication solutions. Time communicates with itself in a form and manner incomprehensible to humans of your generation. For the sake of understanding and readability, their conversation has been set on "15 year-old American At School During Recess."

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