February 05, 2008

The Litterman Endorseth

At 8:30, I was the forty-eighth person to vote at the Harriet Tubman Terrace Multi-Use Room, around the corner from me, across from the Berkeley Bowl Market in South Berkeley. I am registered Green, but they let me vote as a "Non-Party Democrat" - sweet!

After I left, a fifty-year-old Mexican guy picking up litter with a grabber thingy stopped me & said: "Let me tell you what happened: In 1990 or around then, in New York City, we elected Mayor Dinkens. And you know what happened? There was trash all over the streets, the city was an absolute mess! So if you vote for Obama instead of McCain, the whole country will fall apart." I told him it was too late, & that the president is not in charge of public works.

Does this qualify as a quasi-Racist statement? Whatever he meant, I would say he was a single-issue voter.

Thanks to Ben Smith at Politico.com for linking to this blog, with other anecdotes from the day - here.

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