February 26, 2008

James Quills of the World

A few weeks ago, "Gabe" of Speak, Peppery posted "Great Moments in Social Networking", where he reported: "From my Facebook Feed: Sam Amidon is now friends with Sam Amadon".

Mr Quill & I just did a search for other James Quills on Facebook, & found a host of copacetically named doppelgängers.

-James Eliot Quill

-James Quill (San Francisco, CA)

-James Quill (Ireland)

-James Quiller (London)

-James Quiller (Texas)

-Dustin James Quilling (Wisconsin)

-James Quilliam (Pennsylvania)

-James Quilligan (London)

I wonder if the last mentioned lives on Walkin' Street.
There's chatter in the living room of starting a facebook group - "James Quill & Beyond".
I've always been fascinated by the various James Welsches out there, battling me in google searches. I'm grateful that one of them is a respected composer, which is perhaps useful if old friends or elders Google me & are glad that I have been so successful.

In related news, the Encyclopedia of Life is live & finally physical. Over one million species so far, & infinite to go, one of the more daunting projects on this series of tubes. http://www.eol.org/

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