February 20, 2008

Illuminations: George W. Bush Prayer

I've received so many e-mails begging for the final illumination in our little home-made fresh-fruit-squeezed poetry book, Seven Prayers, now I finally post the ultimate installment, & the note on the back cover. I'll also repost the last image - the now-famous underpants illustration - to accompany the George W. Bush Prayer. Click on the picture to view it larger. Links to the frontispiece & the Prayers I-VI Illuminations are below.

To the original text post of the George W. Bush Prayer.

To the Frontispiece & Extant Prayer Illumination.

To the Jesus Prayer Illumation.

To the Exegesis Prayer Illumination.

To the Genius Prayer Illumination.

To the Ex-Girlfriend Prayer Illumination.
To the Whirling Gee-Whiz Prayer Illumination.
To the "Illumations" Tag Label sorting thingy option.

Thank you for taking this magical blogosphere illuminated poetry journey with us. Come back early & often for a new collaboration with the residents of Harold Avenue: The Naked Male Semi-Epic in Five Parts with a Prologue.

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