February 06, 2008

Beer Review: Red Stripe Jamaican Lager

"Obama's campaign has been extraordinary and titillating for me and my family."

-- Jimmy Carter, feeling titillated, but still refusing to endorse.

If you spend money on CafePress.com, you should definitely buy Ms Marlier's shirt, above. But I just noticed that people have uploaded more than 12,100 designs for Barack Obama on CafePress, all available for purchase. They're stylish, inspiring - "Anthropologists for Obama" is necessary apparel. A recent surge of 1970s-feel Obama imagery - including the slightly distorted photo of him on the front page of the New York Times a few days ago - is giving this thing a legendary sheen.


Sorry if fans of this blog are weary already of our small itwaslost.org Obama campaign. We'll return to rhyming poetry & reviewing fine literature in short order.

Shaheen, the world's nicest bartender at the Starry Plough Public House on Shattuck, tells me there's nothing wrong with craving lagers in the wintertime - even if conventional wisdom is that ales are typical for colder weather. It occurred to me in the bathtub just now, that for the first time since drinking age, a non-Californian beer has risen to the top of my favorite-beers-of-the-moment. This rainy February in Berkeley, nothing tastes better than a red stripe. That sweet aftertaste.... a Boont doesn't taste right just now.

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ß&dragon said...

Furthermore, if you sort the cafepress obama shirts by bestselling, Grâce's Kennedy-Obama design is the 22nd most popular, out of 12,100.