February 06, 2008

another brilliant grassroots effort

I noticed yesterday when walking around in the subway and on the street with Obama signs, we got a huge response from people too young to vote- especially black kids, ranging from 5 year olds through 17 year olds. I thought it would be great to put together a flyer- basically saying

'do you think Barack Obama should be our next president? even if you can't vote, you can help...
write to your representatives and tell them that you support Obama and they should support him at the democratic national convention in August
their votes as super-delegates at the convention count for a lot, and if you tell them that you support Obama, they will too!

put at the bottom of the flyer names and addresses of the reps in whatever state you're canvassing in, and then
pass the flyers out to kids in subway stations and on the street at 2-5pm when they are getting out of school.

when I was in the train station at atlantic-pacific yesterday at 3 or so there were TONS of kids who were all screaming like crazy when they saw our Obama signs....I don't think it would take much to get them interested in helping out.

I think Charlie Rangel might be affected by tons of his constituents below voting age writing to tell him to support Obama, don't you?

I think this idea could also be put into effect anywhere else in the country...slightly differently from place to place, I'm sure, and also expanded to get older people, not just kids to put pressure on our reps (all democratic reps are super-delegates), and democratic mayors, where applicable (they're super-delegates, too), also former democratic speakers-of-the house, former democratic presidents and V.Ps, etcetera. to support Obama at the Convention. The selection may come down to these people's votes, and constituent pressure is the best way to make them choose Obama.

to find out who your senators and representatives are, contact them by e-mail, or EVEN BETTER, write them a real letter, look up their contact info, mailing addresses etcetera, at www.congress.org

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ß&dragon said...

Grâce-roots, Grâce-"Rat-arse"-roots.

My super-delegate, Barbara Lee, has been campaigning for Sen. Obama. "Barbara Lee Speaks For Me" says the bumper stickers.