January 07, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors World Champion Andrea Farina Contacts Itwaslost.org

A few weeks ago, I reported that Andrea Farina became an American hero by being the first female & the first American to dethrone the Mexi-Canadians at the World Rock Paper Scissors Championship, in Toronto, 2007. I was thrilled that Ms. Farina contacted me:


Andrea Farina said...

This made my day! Someone sent this my way a little bit ago, and I just wanted to thank you...not enough appreciate RPS. This certainly is a surreal thing for me, to find myself worthy of a mention in the blog of someone I don't know! Feel free to contact me at abfarina@______.com.

Thanks for making my day!


Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 14:19:33 -0800 (PST)
From:"James Welsch" <_@itwaslost.org>
Subject: Ro!
To:"Andrea Farina"

Hello Andrea! Amazing!

I never thought you athletes googled yourselves to see who reported on your victories, but I'm glad I made your day, & you made my day by commenting & contacting me. Congratulations again.

Yes, I think a renewed interest in the mystery of Rock, Paper, Scissors is creeping in the vestibule of our national unconsciouses. I've been playing it on Facebook, with people all over the world, &, if you are on that network, I'd love to play you. http://apps.facebook.com/fightrps/index.php.

Also, did you see my essay on the rules for Exquisite Roshambo (in the same post on itwaslost.org). You should spread the word for that surrealist version of the game among your professional RPS colleagues.

Hope you're healthy & warm wherever you are.


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