January 17, 2008

The Ritual of Occasion

Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 16:27:06 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: writing assignment #1
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Today is the first day of our new project: Writing Assignments

The first Assignment is:
JQ - The Occassion of Ritual
JW - The Ritual of Occassion

250 words or more
due: 1/18/08

Liam Joseph Olaf Worland Mary Golden


The Ritual of Occasion

I occasionally engage in the ritual of occasion,
Once I extended my Tahitian Vacation,
Sometimes off-the-cuff masturbation,
Dispel a rumor about a dead gay relation,
I fine-tune a perfect umbilical pun.

I knew this guy who refused the ritual of occasion,
A gadfly to the religion of eternal meteors,
He even smirked at the priests' scented rears,
And leered at the congress, & burnt the second-tiers,
Smearing our favorite bibles with a cyborg abrasion.

We know where he is now, smoldering far from the ritual of occasion,
Sometimes I take a red marker to the Times, & circle all the Caucasians,
I call my vampire friends, reverse-transubstantiate their wartime rations,
Splatter the Ketchupy results on the fire station's dalmations,
Write a letter to the editor & balance our two-way equation.

It's a ton of fun, I mean, the ritual of occasion.
The Kellogg's Corporation fell thru the ground of Battle Creek, Michigan,
If I grew my arms back, first thing if I could only fish again,
My mother wishes the dirty dishes wouldn't be malicious again.
But we are safe beneath the reef, tuna protect against a sweeping net invasion.

My younger sister is the Princess of the Ritual of Occasion.
She shagged her prom date in the meat pantry,
He looked a cross between Gene Autry & Nancy Sinatri,
They got drunk enough to fiscally free the peasantry,
Later lost in the occult, the world must learn to be patient.

I understand to my heart the ritual of occasion:
It's about necessity & umbrellas & underpants & chastity,
It's not about Republicans & Sea-lions & virginity & infinity,
Pretend you're a pirate hidden upon a sea of wasted realty.
And reality will help you occasionally once the ritual has begun.

Germans are everywhere throughout the ritual of occasion,
Bearded Germans, Sarcastic Germans, Plebeian Germans,
Germans who replace their eye daily with a super-hyman,
Germans who are still in mourning for Jane Wyman,
I have received amnesty in muslim France, sixty years of tax evasion.

Laughing loudly in the spirit of the ritual of occasion,
Did you hear the one about the old Jewish bachelor who married a leprechaun?
She tried to mow the carpet & hoover the lawn,
And so he says, "Come to bed, Maureen, it'll soon be dawn!"
An egg on display in a Roman home, a ritual observed by Emperor Trajan.

Too too rich the victual eaten at the end of the ritual of occasion,
Sometimes a denouement is in order, fading out, dusk of a nation,
Sometimes she demands necessarily a curb on the imagination,
Often the words form a prophecy less of a sentence more a grating persuasion,
Send a postcard to Aunt Wet-Fanny, the occasion has expired, & is done.


Brains said...

Very good! Very good. Misti read some of it, too. It went down well with a "Texas White Texas Table Wine from Whitewright, Texas."

ß&dragon said...

Hello Brayns!
Thank you for the encouragement. We await Mr Quill's response to this writing assignment.
Good night. I'm in Nevada. Where are you?