December 31, 2007

Poll Results

Friends, you don't even know what you're in for! the exciting results from the first ever Poll! As there were so many requests for definitions, I have done some late-night research to include with the tally. Full disclaimer, I had no idea what these words meant when I created the survey, & neither did you when voting, but now you do!

What's your favorite 2007 new word in the Oxford English Dictionary?

cotch (0%) "Verb versitile [sic] word, can describe any part of the human body, the vagueness of said word is the highlite [sic] of its existance [sic]". Brilliant definition from the Urban Dictionary. Any urban dictionary of urban words, I have often argued, deserves urban definitions. I should note here that, due to its extreme expensiveness, I cannot check the to see what or which meaning of these new words they have just added. Another definition for "cotch" is "to hang or chill with people", for which they offer the quote: "wanna come & cotch at my house tonight blad?" I'm glad the English-speaking masses have supplied a term for this somehow ineffable concept, the absence of which has created so many awkward phone conversations when trying to arrange play dates with my friends.

Godzone (28%) The same as "God's own", and, according to MSN, "often used ironically." Not often enough, MSN.

whippit (0%) "...are small metallic containers of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) intended for home use in whipped cream charging bottles. However, using a 'cracker' & a large balloon, the user can open the whippit & release the gas into the balloon. The user then inhales the contents of the balloon for an amazingly intense, immediate, but albeit short-term body & mind high. Typically referred to as 'hippie crack'. Sold in boxes of 12 or 24 in most headshops. Have fun!" An unbiased definition again from the Urban Dictionary. Their quote: "Dude, this party is dead. You got any of those whippits left? I gotta cracker & some balloons in my car." For the parties I throw at the Webb Block, which are never "dead", we tend to use proper laughing gas dispensers.

breathability (14%) Web searches attempting to define this word have proven vain.

Zoque-mixe (14%) I think this is an obscure language in Mexico. My only discoveries of it used in a sentence are from an article in the Journal of Linguistics:

In this section, I consider the process of morphological palatalization in Zoque (Zoque-Mixe of southern Mexico). Zoque palatalization contrasts with Chaha labialization (section 3) in some crucial senses. First, while Chaha labialization illustrates a case of long distance realization of an affix, Zoque palatalization illustrates local realization; i.e. the affix must be realized at the edge, just as Nuer mutation (section 4). However, unlike Nuer mutation, palatalization is always realized in Zoque. I derive both of these effects from constraint ranking (or re-ranking), as predicted by Optimality theory. However Zoque differs substantively from both Chaha and Nuer in the sense that the featural affix is a prefix as opposed to a suffix. This difference is formally captured by the difference in edge alignment.

cholent (28%) Not to be confused with the Ashkenazi food which, according to the Urban Dictionary, "looks like mush ... strongly resembles feces, but it tastes heavenly." The new meaning of those seven letters in that order, I believe, is this: "a cholent is a small confused mammal, which is put up the anus during the practice of homosexual sex. This is achieved by forcing a hollow plastic tube thru the rectal muscle above the anus, in order to allow a free passage thru which the mammal can penetrate the lower abdomen. The tube is then pulled out quickly so as not to allow the creature to escape. This engrossment is known as Cholentation." Oh, & it continues. I love how nonchalantly the dictionarist refers to this as "during the practice of homosexual sex", as if it is a common part of (only gay) foreplay. Please, someone, send me the OED definition! If you were wondering how this might be used in a sentence, here's the explicative quote provided: "'Ohh!!! I feel that cholent that you put up my ass Stephen!' said Cloughy." Where's Rick Santorum when you need him?

fembot (42%) Elizabeth Hurley. And, the winner of our FIRST EVER ITWASLOST.ORG survey. Thank you all for participating, all seven of you, two of which were me. Stay tuned, 2008 will be an exciting year on this weblog, with more & more quality bloggers, naked nude photos of celebrities xxx (to help you find it on Google, & bring more potential survey takers). Happy New Year!


Chloe said...

How much of this is made up?

ß&dragon said...

I would never lie about word definitions! This is all true. And like I said above, I did not know the definitions of the words when I created the poll. I apologize to readers accustomed to more polite dictionaries.