January 28, 2008

the Kennedy endorsement shirt

First Obama shirt to hit the presses- the Kennedy endorsement shirt! manipulate all those now older more conservative people who voted for JFK, but now think they should probably vote for Hillary, into associating Barack with Jack!...coming on the heels of Caroline Kennedy's op-ed "a president like my father" in the NYTimes, in which she endorses Obama, as well as Ted Kennedy's soon-to-be-announced Obama endorsement. any takers? and suggestions for shit to write on the back or whatever? I'm currently leaning towards just the graphic.

UPDATE: Thanks, Chrisasian, you actually can buy this shirt, here:


ß&dragon said...

Just the graphic is beautiful. To those whom it wouldn't be self-explanatory, will have to ask to wearer. A great leader for each breast.

ß&dragon said...

On second thought, "Vote For Love" would be an amazing caption for that shirt.

pele said...

very effective. obama appears to be on a closer plane because his silhouette is proportionately much bigger. is that the intent?

Jeff Holbrook said...

Politico blogger Ben Smith commented on Obama adopting the Kennedy downward glance. And his photo montage is similar to your print:


chrisasian said...

i would buy this shirt with a snap of my credit card. Seriously, make it happen.

ß&dragon said...

Thanks, Chrisasian, you can buy this shirt!