January 29, 2008

the Kennedy endorsement shirt, part 2.

well, I did make the screen, and one with a bit of yackety-shmakety (see at left). I am mainly absorbed in screenprinting prints of it on heavy watercolor paper (they look purty. I don't think even the coldest republican or Hillary supporter can rip up a nice clean print on good paper) to distribute throughout new york city, yee haw! and have concluded that I have neither the time nor the energy nor the money to print shirts etc. at the moment. with that said, if anybody is into the graphic, I have set up a cafepress store that has a cornucopia of Obama stuff with this graphic. including packs of 20 postcards and notecards, which struck me as good things to leave in the neighbors mailboxes at night, send to random addresses, etcetera.hmmm. Cafepress also delivers really fast (pre-super tuesday for example), which I am not always guaranteed to do.
cafepress link is: http://www.cafepress.com/glasshorse

the aforementioned yackety shmakety is on the backs of some shirts and inside some notecards.

not an advertisement! just an FYI.

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