January 27, 2008

field guide to identifying unicorns by sound and call for obama t-shirt suggestions

I am preparing my screenprinting enterprise (anybody out there with a mimosa's witnesses t-shirt, there's a good chance my screenprinting enterprise was responsible for it) to make a limited edition BARACK OBAMA shirt. I need suggestions about how to make this shirt as awesome and as likely to make people want to vote for barack as possible. please give me suggestions! you will get a shirt, I promise!

my first idea was to quote the caucus carol "barack obama. he's no white zombie clone"
but I have a feeling in my gut that other people have better ideas. share, por favor!



ß&dragon said...

Most excellent!

I think:

He's no white zombie clone!

would be a fine shirt.

Or, maybe and/or lyrics from the fourth verse:

Vote for Love!
Pray for Rain!

It could all be over in ten days, it's up to us.

Eccentric Scholar said...

The images you posted are from the following website:


ß&dragon said...

Thank you, Craig. Your books look awesome. We'll link to them in a future post.