January 31, 2008

Correspondences: Tick Tick

Only Hours left for my January Poll (in the lefthand sidebar!)

Request from Mr Byan Aja:

Could you make a t-shirt with Obama's name, translated literally from Mandarin after its conversion into Chinese characters for the California ballot? "Oh Intellectual Overcome Profound Oh Gemstone" = Barack Obama.

Also, if you were already going to donate to the Obama campaign, Ms. GrĂ¢ce "Rat-Arse" Marlier suggests doing it before midnight -
https://donate.barackobama.com/match - they're going for spectacular new records, & money (from grassroots sources) means voice & power.


Brains said...

Obama's name on the Boston ballot in Cantonese is "Oh Bus Horse." Clinton's is "Upset Stomach." This is not a joke, it's totally true.

Anonymous said...

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