December 05, 2007

Unrelated Early December Notes

Sunday: I was biking downtown when a woman screamed from her SUV, "you're a fucking piece of shit, bicycle rider!" or "you're a fucking piece of shit bicycle rider!" I was impressed by her ability to express such a complete thought as she sped by me, but unsure if she was calling me a "piece of shit" bicycle rider or just a "piece of shit" and "bicycle rider" was just so I knew that she was talking to me.

Monday: When I asked Alexandra, the nine-year-old Ukrainian girl whom I tutor in English, if she knew what the word "silly" meant, she replied, "yes, silly is like I have big muscles and I punch you in the face." I nodded, entirely unsure whether or not she did, in fact, know what the word "silly" means.

Tuesday: The man who delivers bacon to my place of employment has been remiss in his duties lately. When we called him on it, he replied, "well, I own these three modeling companies and the other night I met up with my girls and they gave me some pills and then I woke up and couldn't find my cell phone."

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James Welsch said...

Excellent. I explored the possibilities for my new book series "The Californian Non-Driver", yesterday on busses & trains in L.A. The bus from Glendale to Koreatown, which should have taken maybe an hour, took three hours. That's silly, as in, "silly like I wait for hours on the only noise intersection without a Starbucks".