December 06, 2007

List of DVDs played on the Shuttle from Pasadena to San Francisco

-Firewall (2006, dir. Richard Loncraine). In this movie, clean-shaven people looks likes he's saying a lot of tough things, & the weather is beautiful on the desert surrounding the 99 North. Occasionally, loud horns signal tension, & Harrison Ford is hitting people in the head with coffee makers & fire extinguishers: he'd do frickin' anything to save his wife & kids. Like in Roman Polanski's Frantic, Mr Ford rushes around with a cute younger woman while his wife is tied up. "Change of plans, asshole: You get the money when I get my family!"

-Planet Earth (2006, produced by Alastair Fothergill, narr. David Attenborough). It's misty & beginning to rain in Central California. According to the driver, "Now you watch something more... intellectually... stimulating!" I've already seen these first two episodes twice, so I attempt to read
in the fading light about how Muslims use the internet space as "a trajectory rather than an area".

-Rumor Has It (2005, dir. Rob Reiner). It's raining hell-buckets on the 5 North. Shirley MacLaine plays the woman who might be the real Mrs. Robinson, thirty years after the events that inspired the book The Graduate, as her granddaughter (Jennifer Aniston) tries to piece together what happened... & if her biological father could actually be, gasp, the man who inspired Benjamin Braddock (& slept with both her mother & her grandmother). Just to be sure, she shags him. "Life is short, but marriage is long... so drink up, and it will make it go a hell of a lot faster."

Please go listen to this organist play the end of The Messiah:

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