December 06, 2007

broken jesus on a truck in south boston

the cape

it keeps dragging off your shoulders
you can walk away from it until the train is pinned in a too-familiar hemisphere
and a thread got caught on an equatoral steeple.
you're soaking up the seas
with your tangle of fuzz
your cape over wildlife and pistachio green town squares.
taut in a place from that particular town square where
children stand on your hem
and stroke the muddy mohair
with one hand, the other resting
on pikes
the cape doesn't look like a cape
from there it's just a curiosity,
loosely knit and nice,
and it's replaced the sky.

1 comment:

ß&dragon said...

Sweet Jesus! "The right hand of the lord is exalted. The right hand of the lord does valiantly." -Psalms CXVIII:xvi.

"O God, how long! Put forth indeed thy powerful right hand, while time is yet." -Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore, "The Unknown Eros" I:xxii

Home alone in the rain, in my apartment, I just cracked myself up for fifteen minutes saying "Grâce Rat-arse" in a variety of accents.