November 03, 2007

Quadratic Equa-Song

The lyrics to a song I just wrote on the ukulele, with juicy Al Jolson harmonies, while studying for the stupid GREs.

The Quadratic Equa-Song

Equals negative bee,
Plus or minus,
The square root of bee squared,
Minus for ay-see,
All over too times ay!

Ay-ex-squared plus bee-ex plus see equals:

And sweetheart!
If you can still recall that from highschool,
I'll lick you in the gyro!


pcmaven said...

Very clever! Every high school Freshman should learn it for the SATs. I think you're on to something. Try to work in f = m*a, e = mc^2, e = i*r, etc. PC Maven

Mom said...

I would give it to my students if you would change the last line so that it was g rated. Please let me know. Love, MOM