November 23, 2007

I just went "Pro" on Nintendo Wii Baseball

I came to my parents' house at Lake Tahoe for the Thanksgiving week, with a long to-do list (including a grad-school application, a checkbook, & a few cluttered thoughts). So far my only accomplishment is to go "Pro" on the Nintendo Wii Baseball, meaning my "skill level" topped the 1000 point theshold, which took many visits home in the last year. Congratulations! Out of the Park! For a man who grew up without video games, missed them as a recreation in college, possesses only a haphazard understanding of baseball rules & stradegy, this is a weird monumental achievement. My right arm muscles are aching sore from the Wii controller. My character, JamesHenry, looks a lot like me, except without legs. My complaints about the game are: A) No double plays, B) My lame outfield consists of my father & brother's avatars, who, like Manny Ramiriz, is occasionally clutch & occasionally drops the ball, C) It's hard to tell when the computer is pitching a fastball or a splitter, but I guess that's the point. Now, as thanks for achieving Pro status, I'm getting squished by the computer's pro opponants.


Quill said...

Missed them as a recreation in college? I seem to remember a particularly unproductive theory (interestingly based on a particularly productive paper-writing theory) involving whiskey and those bottomless Super Mario holes.

James Welsch said...

What Mr Quill is referring to, is called Early Times Theory. It involves cheap American whiskey as a system of rewards & inspiration for difficult late-night freshman-year college papers. A variant on this doctrine can be applied (even within the same night, specifically, one specific night) to the original Nintendo Super Mario Brothers, wherein whiskey is rewarded as consolation for the vertiginous deaths of Mario, eventually decreasing the player's ability to jump Mario over said crevasses.

James Welsch said...

As of 4:47pm this afternoon, the evil computer avatar Pierre mercilessly beat me with mercy rule (5-0 at the bottom of the 2nd), & sent my skill level plummeting below 1000, revoking my pro status.