October 13, 2007

Whirling Gee-Whiz Prayer

My baby left me, now, where is the Simurgh, the great bird?
And where is the dirt he became?
Have you heard of the immortality of the redwoods? A silver-plated word?
I have never met anyone who has won a Nobel Peace Prize,
And I never met Ennio Morricone,
But I've met a lot of decent Minnesotans with the same name.
If you're secretly missing me, don't feign surprise in your eyes.

Gird up the wrinkly part between your legs, like a man,
You had a stellar amateur career,
You are pointing to the sky like a disco dancer, before October began,
Steroids & extreme diets, all is vain: fasting is like abstaining from music.
Your mother used to wipe your bottom,
And she threw out thousands upon thousands of diapers,
Now you yearn for the Shroud of Turin, but leave soon, it goes quick.

Spin like a dervish, like Uranus, be my mate, spin like creation!
Turn like the seasons & like butter!
Play loud on harps & drums, sing for God & sing for Bear Nation!
Or fishermen toppling the captain's tower, kiss me with a twelve foot tongue,
The morning after the war,
The sun rose like a dying eel, like a comedian with a stutter,
But I refuse to compare one thing to another thing until every thing you can fling has been flung.

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