October 17, 2007

Photos: Three from Alabama

I have finally developed this roll! Here are three from my trip to Alabama in May. The first two, I am leading the Old Flatwoods Primitive Baptist Church at their annual Mother's Day Sacred Harp singing, in Walker County. The third picture is, of course, kudzu. I will publish more from this roll when it is appropriate, altho for some, it will never be appropriate. You can see it larger if you click on it.

Brethren, see poor sinners round you,
Trembling on the brink of woe;
Death is coming, hell is moving,
Can you bear to let them go?
See our fathers, see our mothers,
And our children sinking down;
Brethren pray and holy manna
Will be showered all around.

-Verse 2 from Holy Manna, text by George Atkin, 1819


sarah said...

alabama looks beautiful. what are you conducting?

Alex said...

Walker is a dry county you know, and they love Dubya so much, they named themselves after him! ha ha ha!