October 24, 2007

Photos: From Ithaca

The combined score for the Red Sox's last four games is 43-6. They're doing fine. I am a particular fan of the rookie Dustin Pedroia, who is playing like an inspired person. Moving on with my photos, here are a few photos from Ithaca, New York, when I was couch-surfing with Mr Darren Soufworf People at the beginning of June. Let it be put down for the record that I believe Ithaca to be a most amazingly beautiful & friendly town. The above picture is of Milo Mills near Penn Yan. You can see everything in great detail if you click on the image.

Also, if the sounds of my highest whiny notes does not turn you off, you can go listen to a recording of Welch's "I Am Orphan Girl" I finished this morning. I apologize if it's badly & jarringly mixed - my computer microphone is not very subtle, & Manu Chao I am not. It's at this myspace: ssandrigon

Look closely! It's a gathering of the Mimosa's Witnesses!

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