October 12, 2007

Offensive Instant Messages

Two new developments have altered the way we live. The first is my phone being able to send instant messages thru AOL. The second is my friend having a desk job where the company uses AOL instant messager to send inter-office memos. Mr Golden tells me that incoming messages pop up innocuously "New Instant Message from O It Was Lost!" I keep trying to send him dirty messages in hopes a manager will oversee one & he will have to endure a sheepish talking-to. Here was today's correspondence.

Oitwaslost >What a storm. Might hit up the pubs near campus round 8, perhaps demographers, perhaps Darjeeling movie

Oitwaslost >Cock

Oitwaslost >Offensive

Oitwaslost >Insulting

Oitwaslost >Fetish

Oitwaslost >Outrage

Liam >interesting...... might join you


Liam >of-fencing

Liam >feet

Liam >toe jam

Liam >hippies



Oitwaslost >Republicans

Oitwaslost >Al Gore

Liam >AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

>nobel prize



Oitwaslost >Dylan

Oitwaslost >Poet

Liam >ovipositor

Liam >hankerchief

Oitwaslost >Sex on the beach

Oitwaslost >Blog

Liam >by the fire

Oitwaslost >Work

Liam >back seat

Liam >food

Oitwaslost >Aunt [...]

Oitwaslost >Uncle Willie

Oitwaslost >Mr Elbow

Oitwaslost >Mrs Body Part

Oitwaslost >Lady Diarrhea

Oitwaslost >Lord Thomas Jefferson

Oitwaslost >James Quill

Oitwaslost >Alaine Testicles

Oitwaslost >Papa Taint

Oitwaslost >Mama Areola

Liam >james quill in two weeks

Oitwaslost >Sir Cumsize

Oitwaslost >James Welsch

Oitwaslost >LANDS

Liam >GPS

Oitwaslost >I'm copying this conversation ont
o my blog, because it is important, & it is raining.

Oitwaslost >Penis

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