October 15, 2007

In Conversation with Terry Gross about the poem I wrote an hour ago

Terry Gross: We're here with S. Sandrigon, the prophetic poet & America's National Bard, welcome, it's good to have you back in the studio. I've been meaning to ask you some things ever since you wrote this poem this morning.

S. Sandrigon, Prophetic Poet & America's National Bard: It's good to be here again.

TG: So, this is the seventh in your series of “Prayers”.

SS: Yes. Well, this may be the last one, there may be seven, or there could possibly be twenty-one. But not eight or thirteen, you know, because there's twenty-one lines in each prayer, so the total number of prayers has to be seven or forty-nine or something.

TG: Is there any numerolgy in your use of the number seven?

SS: About as much numerology as there is on your forehead, Terry.

TG [laughs a little too loud]: Okay, let's get down to details. The poem, from the title, would seem to be about George W. Bush, but it's hard to tell exactly what you're talking about.

SS: You know, a lot of people have told me that. Sandy, what are you talking about? You know.

TG: The poem appears to be about a lot more than the president.

SS: Oh, yes, it's about a lot more than the president.

TG: Yes, for instance, in the first stanza, you seem to be talking to someone named Kevin. Who is Kevin?

SS: I'm glad you asked me that. I was hoping someone would ask me that. Well, whoever is speaking the lines of the first part, see, he's breaking up with his boyfriend, who's name is Kevin. It's actually pretty clear.

TG: And that's sort of like... George W. Bush?

SS: Yes, sort of.

TG: Okay. And in the second stanza, there's a lot of people making a lot of noise, & a dog barking, & you're talking during a church service. Is that about people not listening, or about the media?

SS: I never mention that. I mention journalists & senators, but those are just who the dog is trying to imitate.

TG: So what's the point of all that noise?

SS: I think you can talk thru a church sermon & still get the gist of it.

TG: Now, a lot of people talk a lot about the president. Since the poem is named after him, & the whole middle part is about people talking a lot, I find it hard to believe it doesn't have something to do with him.

SS: All of the prayer poems are about making noise out loud versus communicating silently.

TG: This poem is about a lot of things. What are some of the things this poem is about?

SS: You look good today, Terry.

TG: Thank you. It's hard to tell that over the radio.

SS: Most people don't know what you look like.

TG: That's true.

SS: Everyone knows what Rush Limbaugh looks like, but he also has a TV show.

TG: Yes.

SS: You have a far more pleasant face than Rush Limbaugh. They should put you on the television.

TG: It's never really been my medium.

SS: You should reconsider. I think some of your conversations, like this conversation, would make really good television.

TG: Well, we're just about out of time. I'm glad we had the chance to talk about the poem you wrote an hour ago.

SS: I hope I cleared up some of the ambiguity.

TG: The world will not be indifferent to you for long.

SS: I am America's National Bard.

TG: So you say. So you say.

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