October 15, 2007

George W. Bush Prayer

It's over. There's no more toilet paper & no more flower petals,
Hell of a lot of assassins, tho.
Bunches of kingdoms, Kevin, for ever, it was only the heroin & the whistling of the tea kettles
That made me think I loved you. Essence of juniper, climate change, or heaven.
Your last day in California,
And my final Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band show,
All this finality & conclusivity, but I need to stop communicating with you, Kevin.

We gossiped at church, before, during, after the sermon, whenever, all the time,
We talked with atheists,
We talked during transubstantiation, with our mouths full of bread & wine,
At the morning cocktail party, amidst the din, we violently ordered her dog
To please stop barking,
It was trying to imitate her senators, journalists & priests,
So I took a moment to myself while I was weeding the garden, & winking at a hedgehog.

Twice! Off camera he was much more solemn.
I don't name-drop when it's raining.
If the usurers usufruct me off of my Crawford Ranch, damn them.
Six thousand years ago, the Sumerians had already invented glue,
Amnon's heart is merry with mimosas,
There were many funerals in the Old Testament, & a lot of complaining.
I don't need to see Arthur Schlesinger or Henry Kissinger, I only want to see you.

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