October 12, 2007

Ex-Girlfriend Prayer

Monody, & your emotion ends every conversation,
One-love to Nancy.
Monstrous & atrocious, when we were stoned on our Haitian Vacation,
From the kiss to the pesticide-free Persimmon tree,
Are we the joint-heirs with Christ?
Or must I re-chisel my memories to fit your fancy?
Well, I insist upon full custody of the dog, Nancy.

We argued in our dreams, darkle darkling, with such poetry,
We woke the dead neighbors.
My rhetoric is closed for business, & a fortune-teller's symmetry,
The Republican Congressman from Alabama is not superstitious,
His prayer-language is Romansh,
And he keeps several other threatened tongues in his chambers.
But when the paparazzi discovered him with my boyfriend, the little weasel got vicious.

It took a fortnight for the bookshelf to fall, after the hurricane,
But we ran out of toothpaste right away.
Of all America's domestic disorders, my plagiary should not complain,
And plebeian lab rats, who have builded a Greek theater for tragicomedies,
And "Measure for Measure" in squeak speak,
If they can only find a counterfeit coin to play the end of the day,
Keep crying, Nancy, a plague of Colorado Locusts is headed this way, & terrorists on dromedaries.

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