October 19, 2007

E-mail: The Bright Side of Lif

Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 22:10:23 -0700 (PDT)
From:"James Poet Welsch" <_@itwaslost.org>
Subject: Ahola
To:Send an Instant Message "Cosmo Wernicky" <______@yahoo.com>

Dear Miss Cosmo Wernicky, if that is you name, ho ho ho.

So good to hear from you! And those pictures! I suppose it will take a while to get thru them all, but I'm so glad you finally put them up. There's a lot of beauty there~!

Sounds like things are going pretty good in ole Frisco. I was wondering what you'd been up to. A plant store sounds like a perfect job for you, for the time being. You always did like plants, a little too much. Remember, how we used to call you "Plant Wernicky"? Ho ho ho.

Don't get down on yuppies tho, remember, you'll be one too some day. Ho ho ho. There's also beautiful creative young fun people in ole Frisco too.
Just think, you could be living in HELL.

I told my friend Liam today, whenever he thinks he might be having a gay thought, remember, there's nothing gay about

Well, I hope to hear from you more often. I might be visiting ole Frisco sometime soon, I'll look you up. Remember, if it's just a cigar & a stained dress, it doesn't count as sexual intercourse. Ho ho ho!

James Poet Welsch

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