October 20, 2007

Doggerel Accusation of Molestation

I have been asked to be immortal thru my poetry,
But I would rather be famous in my lifetime, & then live forever.
Finish your collard greens,
Let your garments be always tusk-colored jeans.
We are gentle in our success, together our lives are one terrific endeavor.

I have thousands of beautiful children,
Thank heavens my wives were unfaithful.
Like the man from Kentucky
Who let his morals become unstucky,
Now he preaches bone-abstinence to the dogs in the meat-hole.

But I must follow road signs & underwear signs.
I sit here perplexed by a one-piece jigsaw puzzle.
The words of my heart shall be discovered
Like mold spreading in the back of the cupboard.
My sphincter has been scrubbed with bleach, but the geyser still doth guzzle.

Your sisters rode atop Futalognkosaurusus,
But mostly the system is not that tiny.
With the bad son & the diarrhea-patient you have to share it,
So don't complain about which portion of the infinite you inherit.
I have stumbled over the rock of offense & you have lusted after the super-skinny.

Coffee has heightened my awareness of ursine dangers,
And Jane Goodall has deepened my understanding of omnivorousness.
Go to the desert alone
Sand & wind you become.
My love is like a lifegaurd at a carwash, our rhymes are a pure form of justice.

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