September 16, 2007

Babelizing Selected Verses, Part One of Infinite

This is an interesting website. "Babelize" is a process which online-translates thru many languages, eventually back to English. My friends, attempting to revivify the White East Bay Hyphy Hip-Hop Ghost Ride The Whip movement, found as a way to kivk the lyrics of the future.... but there are other uses for babelization. Especially at Five O'Clock A.M. with one's own poetry. Forgive me, peons!

Original Beautiful Poetry:
"What little I can do with a rusty bicycle, some reason to act all righteous."
-Lift Him Up

"Which oxidated the bicycle can give little to form with one, relation of safe transformation worked exactly."

Original Beautiful Poetry:
"He ascends a mountain of fine light, it’s all been done before in particles."

-Celebrity Canto

"The whole rose is light/write following and this part of the particle mountain, that one is good he ingualmente before the station of the work."

Original Beautiful Poetry:
"Where is the Theater of the Judges? Where on this spec is heaven’s edge?"

-Rhythm of the Bard's Dilemma

"Is the theater a judge of the transformation relation? Is the edge of the sky the section puts them in the effect of the transformation relation?"

Original Beautiful Poetry:
"I loved my sexual organs, but they've turned into bamboo, which has been eaten by pandaids."

-Extant Prayer

"Master to civil employee reproduktive of the body, but it modified itself could of pandaids in the bamboo eat."

Original Beautiful Poetry:
"Go study the natural cycles for a solution, and leave the praying to the more devout."

-Prophecy for an Antepenultimate Doom

"Normal bringing of the circulation for the solution is, compares reverently with the pagination."

Original Beautiful Poetry:
"But I will write a silent five act play, I will sustain by eating locally."

-Song of the Theater

"But I write a calm game of action five, that I support with the place that I eat."


Anonymous said...

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Wiktionary said...




pagination (plural paginations)

1. the act of creating pages for a document, book, etc., or determining when to truncate text on the pages
2. the act of numbering pages for a document, book, etc.