August 11, 2007

Three Lamer Doggerels

It's a shady Saturday, & I'm looking thru an old notebook before heading to a wedding reception. I found one old poem scratched next to a picture of a cowboy entirely of beard & hair, below bumpy onboard reflections of Futureman's MIDI percussion playing from the 90's (The "Synthax Drumitar").

Two men use their talents:
One buries his money,

The rich get richer,

but bees make honey,

& ain't that funny

if you're a bunny,

I think I really solved some of life's mysteries with those rhymes. The second poem I collaborated with Mr Hadar Hart on a walk up to see a 70's b-movie about smart killer bees ("Phase IV" by Saul Bass), after discussing how it's too bad the Homeless Newspapers don't have creative writing:

Haiku About Homelessness & Heartlessness

Home's where the heart is,
Homes is where the heart is where,
Therefore, I'm heartless.

Kind of Gertrude Stein meets Wayne & Garth. This last doggerel is a fragment - instead of blabbing on about Orson Welles & the thinning of themes, as Christopher Hitchens did today in his review of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, I just wrote a short poem thanking our beloved author:

Thank You to J.K. Rowling

Thank you, J.K. Rowling, you've made the Bush years more bearable,
You've made 800-page novels more carryable,
You've made wizard cloaks more wearable,
And you've made Hollywood more Harry-able.

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