August 05, 2007

Message about Mimosas

To: D______
Date: Aug 5, 2007 11:51 AM
Subject: Beware of
Dearest D___,

I hear you have moved to the East Bay. I applaud your decision. Well done, man!

Well, should you come over here for a drink? I often take a mimosa at about this time on a Sunday. Only religious observation, of course.

There have been ideas batted around regarding a party here this Friday. Should it conspire, the theme may be cetological. Fitting, I suppose, for the world's longest nipple hair. Any opinions?

What is your address? Is it any walkable distance from the nineteenth street BART station? Or is it accessible from the #18 bus? I live at 19__ Ashby, next to the Ashby BART, where these is a boisterous flea market on this gloomy day.

I hope you settle comfortable, & do pop in for an afternoon apéritif when traversing thru to the university or any related Berkeley adventure. For instance, there is a film festival Wednesday Nights this month at the PFA called ECO-AMOK - b-movies about nature-strikes-back.

Anyhoo, ach-hem, & with Desmond Tutu,
James Welsch

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IVY said...

I really wish i had all of our old emails. The computer got thrown out when I was away and nothing was saved. I wasnt told about it. AOL was on it. Stupid aOL has a big folder unlike hotmail and it gets deleted with the computer instead of staying online it goes on the hardrive. If you have any of our old emails, I would be really grateful if you sent them my way somehow, the easiest way for you.