August 22, 2007

Alternate Lyrics;

Or, Alternate Lyrics to the National Epic

What is music without duration or velocity?
Whatever it is, I'm not going to squander it,
I'm going to go see my Lord.
He has bamboozled the college into electing a corrupt mediocrity,
And only one radio host refuses to ponder it,
But I'm going to go see my Lord.
I've been given oversight of the gates of the house, with ancient wine in a brown paper bag as my inner-sentinel.

This is good news, the toxic stream in the lowlands
Has been rerouted thru the oligarch's estate,
And I'm going to go see my Lord.
I remember my mother on the playground humming showtunes,
Oh, but she was really ruminating about that first televised debate,
So I'm going to go see my Lord.
Where has the bandstand fallen, where have the blue veins of our county been pecked open by the eagle!

I had previously attempted to be promoted in the Entertainment Industry,
But Orson Welles was impressed by talents more gastronomic than mine,
So I'm going to go see my Lord.
These policies on the horizon of mercy - what does that mean again? - are key
To unlocking our anxieties about locust plagues & famine & 21st Century moonshine,
And I'm going to go see my Lord.
Welles had drunk a pint of the stuff a day around the last turn of the millennium, & my song barely sharpens the pencil.

Do you recall the year when I experimented pretty seriously with delphinic fetishes?
I've long given that up, my liver just couldn't stomach the bickering,
I'm going to go see my Lord.
Love has paved our highways with seasonal salads & typical Thai dishes,
More war-car-bar-jars have left the furthest stars flickering,
So I'm going to go see my Lord.
The border of Alaska creeped North to Jerusalem thru the Evil Empire, & compassed the corner of the sea southward.

A flurry of civic conflict ignites the nights!
I shan't be discouraged! He knows he can find me singing at the corner pub,
I'm going to go see my Lord.
Fireworks & confetti bring grandmothers to the streets
Every Sunday to celebrate the Revolution - there's the rub,
I'm going to go see my Lord.
The despot was campaigning in Vegas, & the paparazzi found him curled up twixt grimy poker sheets with a mini-hermaphroditic mouth-whore.

Iowa is desolate, only corn can grow there;
Fennel & Caesar's Amanita are running rampant up Henry Miller's coast,
But I'm going to go see my Lord.
My younger sister has always had a crush on the Rev. Marxie Joe Caulahausawatapare,
Yes, ole Marxie doesn't know what he's missing, he will die a loveless piece of burnt toast,
But I'm going to go see my Lord.
What will you do in that solemn day, America, when we are rejoicing our slow food feast, & you are still starving for more?

A green electrical storm at the end of fog,
Hailing bastards, & birds flying a teleologic circle,
So I'm going to go see my Lord.
Out of this myth steps a leader named Kellogg,
Even I have eaten a few silly diets in the days of turquoise & opal,
Now I'm going to go see my Lord.
The politics of waste management, amongst other side ventures of the municipality, are clogging the sewers! Please abandon non-vital projects!

I composed a lullaby for the godfather in my books,
There was no audience at the opera house to listen to no Forró Orchester,
So I'm going to go see my Lord.
They say that the poet watches movies while the chef cooks,
But All-In-One's bard lifted half his wit from "The Walrus & the Carpenter",
And I'm going to go see my Lord.
An angry tenor bears a letter full of mischief & cross-dressing, it would make good theater if any playwrights remained who could rhyme dialects.

That virgin sister of mine remembers when I tried to fall to my knees & prostrate,
She kicked me when I was down, & I kissed her face &, thanking her,
I'm going to go see my Lord.
Most readers think it's the devil who's around every corner, but wait!
The line forms on the right, & if she's the devil then who's spanking her?
I'm going to go see my Lord.
Down into the coal mine your second grade teacher descends with her martini in one hand & the Brady Bill in her other, where are the students she protects?

I have sired a son in Fifty-Seven of California's Counties, all except Stockton,
They wouldn't let me in, they saw I had no talents,
So I'm going to go see my Lord.
This sacred soil remains breathless & the migrant workers have not been clocked in,
Let us eat lettuces & pontificate, every cinema is ultimately in balance,
And I'm going to go see my Lord.
Wind the golden string onto its ball, Ye Episcopalians of the World, your synthetic harp has struck my favorite chord.

The volcanoes have been silenced, & Friedrich Weyerhäuser
Has clear-cut the forests around my heart,
So I'm going to go see my Lord.
Beware the spherical library: its every word is poison lard!
I've sent a press release to the U.N., with enlightenment & nirvana on a pie chart,
Now I'm going to go see my Lord.
No, honey, you can't keep the socks you find by the side of the onramp, middle management's team building workshop was just far too horrid.

Awake! Throw off the pillows of dementia!
I hit my ten thousandth homerun, in Lightyear Shrew's park,
I'm going to go see my Lord.
Plato's bats resound the Batsongs of the Spheres, the Music of Minutia!
Unbuckle your whipping belts! Extinguish your Florescent Blacklight Spark!
I'm going to go see my Lord.
And I will repose upon the couches of Jesus Christ our Lord Savior, a grail of dandelion wine in the right hand of God Almighty My Lord,
And the peaceniks will reign, where gold once did.

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