July 27, 2007

Song: Alive & Well

I wrote these Joycean alternate lyrics to The Dying Californian (from the Sacred Harp, pg. 410t, music by Ball & Drinkard, 1859) outside La Val's Pizza on Durant.

I'm alive & well in Berkeley,
When you'll write I never can tell.
Eat & think hard, bawl & drink hard,
I survive alive & well.

Cain't harass, her donkey's quirkley,
Natural gas our bodies expel.
Educate her issue, pink card,
Damn Lord Clive, alive & well.

Sixty-five & quell the turkley,
When we fight, I never do swell.
Soon you'll miss me in your berth-tard,
Still I thrive, alive & well.

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Ball & Drink hard said...

For the time being, this song can be heard at www.myspace.com/ssandrigon