July 10, 2007

Poem about Spiders & Birds

Some spiders build their webs up high,
And some build them low,
And I can guess why.
Some spiders can neither walk nor talk.
Some spiders look like walruses
Fighting dying polar bears from their polar webs,
Eugene V. Debs,
Eugene V. Debs;
But the Imagination has a poor lock,
Xanadus Interuptus, like this prophecy from the Webb Block.

A fake door is off its hinges.
There are submerged forests just past the beach.
The somnambulists have grown corpulent from their ambient binges.
And I have heard the presidents singing each to each.

Many birds don't use their wings for flight,
But of course many do,
Just like you-know-who.
Some birds can neither look nor cook.
Some birds are actually spiders or walruses,
But no birds are crawling incubuses.
Huge underwater birds catch dugongs in their webs,
Eugene V. Debs,
Eugene V. Debs;
But the Endangered Species List has become a phone book,
When my table is wobbly, it's the first place I look.

That phony door has been completely obliterated by dynamite!
The ancient summits of the Atlantean hills
Are covered in campfires, the night before the fight.
Silent! I hear the presidents taking their sleeping pills.

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