July 25, 2007

Deus Patheticus

Our God is acting pathetic & shamefully,
Expelling her friends from our small community,
The secretary has become the accuser,
Translated texts interpreted literally,
He has denied amnesty to the refugee,
Don't they know they're going to lose her?

He created this ecology for us to love him,
Created the pilgrim pirates to find his treasure,
And it adores itself thru itself;
But how can the rebellion look up from above him,
When the pain he condemned is actually a pleasure?
And the nonsense texts are dusty on the shelf?

She has continually renewed her lust on a spinning wheel,
And he has lost interest in every thing
Except keeping the price of corn whiskey low;
She has learned to stay alive by remembering how to feel,
One day in his mason jar he found her cursed ring,
Now he measures his friends by the kilo.

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