June 07, 2007

Lists: Eleven Things to do if you're stranded in Penn Yan, NY, for Eleven Hours after no sleep; Then, Ten Things I Hate About You

1) Drink the weakest cup of "rain forest caramel" coffee you've ever had, while failing to read the Ginsberg poem in your bag
2) Walk up Main Street & pass out from exhaustion on a picnic table in front of a hospital
3) Read the Harper's Index in the cute old small town public library
4) Fall asleep beneath the Harper's Index in the cute old small town public library
5) Eat a fried fish sandwich at the local diner, order a delicious cherry pie, then worry the waitress when you don't finish it.
6) Stumble upon the beautiful Keuka Outlet Trail, walk four miles past two ruins of 19th Century Mills - the first, Milo Mills, has a 30 or 40-ft brick chimney, the second, Seneca Mills, is on a waterfall.
7) Sleep for two hours on a park bench, wake up cold & shivering on the ground.
8) Listen to Episode One of the Anthology of Sacred Music in English on the four mile walk back.
9) Write E-mails & read blogs in the Penn Yan Public Library
10) Make an exquisite tofurkey & German Gouda Sandwich, between two pieces of Wegman's inspired "Marathon Bread", eat this sandwich outside in the rain on a picnic table near the courthouse.
11) Drink a pint of fine Canadian beer at the pub on Main Street while waiting to finally get picked up by the girl who spontaneously stranded you in Penn Yan, NY, for eleven hours.


Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 22:01:57 -0700 (PDT)
From:Send an Instant Message "Jenny Ruth Crawford" <___________@yahoo.com>
To:"James Welsch" <____@itwaslost.org>

I'm drunk

2) I downloaded the Modest Mouse cd. I love it. I'm drunk. Wow. What a [---] cd. Wow.
3) I needed to kick H____ out for a little while. It was goood. He's back. It's goood. I drank most of his beer.
4) I love my students.
5) I hate how big your ego is. Amazing how I love and hate. Love and hate. [---]
6) Shaun Winter
7) Ben Ricker
8) Camp this weekend
9) The first sunny day in a week. Seriously!
10) Life and places to live it

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Ms. Buffalo said...

Abandoned in Penn Yann, NY for 11 hours, eh?? How terrible. But glad it led to this post. Hopefully it was worth the wait. Having fun reading your blog while I wait for earthy inspiration!