April 30, 2007

Special Report: Is Michael Jackson a Castrato?

For those unfamiliar with the term, a Castrato is a male soprano whose larynx was never transformed by puberty (i.e. lowered into Tenor or Bass range). Occasionally, this is the result of an endocrinological condition (as the Wikipedia tells me), but it was semi-common practice throughout the Catholic Middle Ages & Renaissance to castrate great boy singers to preserve their pristine upper ranges. (Countertenors are male altos with testicles who have perfected their falsetto, & were also commonly used in church music for centuries, & still sing modern & ancient music today. The last proper Italian operatic Castrato, Alessandro Moreschi, died in 1922. There are a few scratchy old recordings of him.)

I do not know that much about Michael Jackson or his music, but I watched the premier of his controversial interview with Martin Bashir, Living with Michael Jackson, while I was in England in 2003/04. I was fascinated by his behavior on that program, & I tossed off the theory that maybe he was castrated before he reached puberty, thus explaining many of his quirks at once. I was just thinking about it again recently, & I asked my friend Danny Holt to bring up an old VHS tape of Living with Michael Jackson, from his collection, when he visited last night. (It's not commercially available.) Danny's friend Shirley suggested I should write down my theory, so, if in twenty years, I'm proved correct, I can say "look when I guessed it!" I'm sure others have suggested this before, but here's my talking points, all based on Martin Bashir's interview.

-HIStory: Jackson was an inspired child singer. His father was controlling, abusive, violent, & obsessed with the success of his children's act. Michael describes repeated beatings, & also his extreme desire to fulfill his father's expectations. With the international fame, & stressful schedule, Michael more or less did not get a childhood. He also refers to his emotional turmoil at puberty, not wanting to grow up or lose his child star qualities, being embarrassed at his zitty pubescent face. If he, his father, or someone else, ever had the crazy idea that they could prolong his child fame & soprano voice by castrating young Michael, I do not want to speculate the actual events. Or maybe he developed an endocrinological condition possibly related to his phoney skin disease.

-His Voice: His singing range is very high, with some seriously difficult-to-reach upper notes which he hits with no strain. Stranger, tho, is the apparent lack of any low tones. I'm not that familiar with his complete cannon, but if anyone is aware of a moment when he throws in a masculine phrase or Elvis impersonation, where is it, & are we sure that he sang it? More interestingly, his speaking voice is pretty high without sounding affected - it doesn't sound like, say, a stereotypical movie transvestite speaking in falsetto with the occasional break away from head voice.

-Eternal Youth: It is obvious that Jackson has deep psychological issues with age. I'm sure these can't be chalked up to any specific thing, his abnormal childhood or his celebrity isolation - and if you castrated a normal small-town boy, he could conceivably have a normal adult life or musical career without building a fantasy Neverland with a private zoo. Jackson claims to have the soul of a child, & some of his regular 12-year-old friends that are interviewed say that he acts & plays like just one of the kids. But as sociopathic behavior isn't evidence of anything physical, I'll leave this issue to the forensic psychologists.

-Virginity: Jackson tells several anecdotes to Bashir about how he was scandalized by sex as a boy. Once when his brother was having sex with girls in the same hotel room. The second story is far stranger, when he is older, at a time when normal teen stars couldn't be happier that girls follow them everywhere, he describes a groupie trying to seduce him & he wasn't "tempted." I should discuss that castrati
historically are not asexual, with famous examples like Farinelli, the 18th Century playboy opera-singer. Eunuchs of Antiquity were castrated men employed to accompany & protect the many wives of a patriarch, but their roles also were not asexual - they were often needed to pleasure neglected women of a harem without the threat of impregnation. Michael Jackson is almost certainly not a virgin; but in my subjective opinion, there is something very non-sexual about his relationship with women, & there is something very pure about his obsession with toys & desire to hang out with kids his mental age. I'll return to this thought below.

-His Children Are White: The unalterable nature of genetics & recessive genes were not subjects that his private tutors (most likely Jehovah's Witnesses) ever taught in much detail, because he has a Bush-ian ignorance that he can just tell the world whatever fantasy he believes, like that he is the father of his children. Prince Michael I, Paris, & Prince Michael II ("Blanket") are Caucasian, visibly not half nor fully African-American - (Jackson claims the secret mother of Blanket is black). Whether he has convinced himself that his phoney degenerative skin disease has affected what color his children's skin will be, or if he has been lied to, or simply doesn't get that the rest of the world understands genetics better than he does, is a mystery. But on the interview he unblinkingly describes the conception of his children with their contractual mothers, & rhapsodizes lovingly about their family resemblance to other Jacksons. I feel I can say without much controversy that Joe Jackson is not their genetic grandfather. Whether this is because Michael Jackson does not possess the biological capabilities to create sperm may never be known. But at some point in his late thirties, he expressed the obsession to become a father (he says he would carry around baby dolls), & rather than going about the fairly conventional process of impregnating his wife with his own DNA (& celebrities with large egos are even more prone to want to sire replicas - like baseball player Manny Ramirez, who also named both his first two sons Manny, Jr.), Jackson somehow brought into this world three white children.

-Michael Jackson His Sexuality: Again, we may never know for sure if he is actually a sexual predator who has a history of ogling adolescents. He has been determined, thru several decades, to have sleepovers with kids, & it is even his naive & earnest desire is to admit it openly. This doesn't seem like the behavior of a pervert, who usually has some self-awareness of indiscretion. When I think of Humbert Humbert's caution & paranoia, Jackson comes off as much more of a foot-in-the-mouth putz. He is just so oblivious that, in his mind, kids aren't allowed to sleep in the same bed as other "kids". A better historical parallel may be Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the Oxford mathematics professor & Anglican clergyman, who wrote Alice in Wonderland under the pen name Lewis Carroll. Although Dodgson had many consecutive relationships with young girls, & even photographed some of them semi-nude, Carrollians are in general agreement that his relationships were "platonic". As an adult, Dodgson was a shy, nervous stuttering man, & he only ever felt comfortable around his child friends. It's more complicated than that of course, & one interesting aspect is that the age of Dodgson's girlfriends increased as he did, so that by the time he was an old man, he had several female friends who were in their twenties. As for any Victorian appreciation for the beauty of children, without the creepy sexual overtones always inflicted by our modern minds, we may never be able to see his photography-hobby as not suspect. I'll tell you what I think is creepy: the oil painting in Michael Jackson's house, shown behind him in the interviews, of a mostly-naked Michael in Renaissance style, surrounded by a dozen floating naked cherubs. The point is, even if he naively doesn't see the harm in this aestetic, can't he realize how twisted that seems to the rest of us! Dodgson's photographs have long since been salvaged from suspicion by art critics & biographers - (Go ahead! you can enjoy the beauty of Alice Liddell without feeling non-Catholic guilt or receiving a subpoena) - but there's something fundamentally disturbing about Jackson's tacky taste. I'm on the fence about what's actually going on in his psyche, why or how he is the way he is, what he actually did, & whether history will vindicate him.

If it ever comes out that Michael Jackson is a castrato, that would certainly add an interesting dimension to the discussions about his sexuality & psychology. I recall that in one of the court cases, there was some talk about the victim identifying something unusual about the defendant's genitalia, & there was going to be a photograph of the King of Pop's privates exhibited as corroborative evidence. Any revelation of that magnitude would have been explosive, impossible to keep away from the press. But could it have been....?

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UPDATE: I've posted some of the comments from this post in two new separate posts: here & here.

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Anonymous said...

That sculpture gives me the creeps every time I see it.
That girl that he was saying was the first to try to seduce him was not a "groupie," she was his "first girlfriend," a famous woman named Tatum O'Neal (I think). I believe that he said that he was afraid, in a sweet boyish way, rather than lacking temptation. I didn't think that that story was so wierd, comparatively.
Also, I think that the 'King of Pop' is Prince.

James Welsch said...

Thanks friend, okay, I'll update that word. Martin Bashir asked if Michael was "tempted" & he said no. Is MJ the "Prince of Pop" or what?

shirley said...

excellent report. A++++ would recommend castration theory to others

welshirishwoman said...


Michael actually has a deeper voice in real life...his high pitched voice is part of his stage persona. Lisa Marie Presley also said this in an interview after she and Michael were divorced (not sure of the date though). Also, if you watch Michael's "private home movies" special, there's a clip where he's in the grocery store shopping (it was closed for the night), and there's a moment when he's looking for some gum...when he finds it, the camera zooms in on him, and he says something about "Not just red, but big red," and then laughed, all in a deeper voice...deeper than I've ever heard it.

James Welsch said...

Wow, okay, thank you. Shocking.

Anonymous said...

Seriously are you insane??? Castration? You put forward your theory like it's something Michael or his parents would seriously consider. I have never read anything so crazy in my life!! Why do people only seem to be able to justify Mike's interest in children by making him out to be some kind of asexual person. Being a normal hetrosexual man and liking children are not two mutually exclusive things.

ß&dragon said...

Hello, anonymous. I thought the components of my theory rested on his singing voice, & on other details, like his possible inability to procreate his own genetic offspring. No, I would never suggest that someone had to be a monster or physically deformed to have pedophiliac tendencies. Nor, alternately, that a castrated man couldn't have a normal sexual life (look at Farinelli or the legendary Eunuchs of old.)

Jackson's eccentricities, whatever dark secrets are revealed, can only be a complex mixture of many causes.

ß&dragon said...

Also, has anyone heard Jimmy Scott sing? He's on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, & I just heard him do "Tea for Two" as a duet with Pink Martini's China Forbes. He had Kallman's condition, so he never went thru puberty. Now he's eighty-two years old, & his voice is chillingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with castration thesis... But there's another moment when Michael sings deep:in "get on the floor" ("Then why don't you just dance across the floor")

ß&dragon said...

Wow, that's an interesting song, & his voice sounds more normal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA2uMXTHad4

However the lowest of those low notes is an F below Middle C - I'm a tenor with a pretty high range, & that note is only in the middle of my low range; Jackson sounds like he's singing it really low in his voice.
Also, it's hard or unwise to prove anything from a recording (My Uncle Tom insists, for instance, that Elvis had backup singers sing his lowest notes.) Please send more instances of Michael Jackson singing or speaking low, especially a live video, would disprove this forever.

Anonymous said...

well if you're a Michael Jackson female fan it's easy to know right off the bat what a complete wrong assumption it is that he's been castrated. simply look at the man's crotch. not only is he not castrated, he's PACKING!

Rebecca said...

I agree with this thesis
It makes perfect sense

and to the people above the low vocals in "Get on the Floor" are background singers: Jim Gilstrap, Augie Johnson, Mortonette Jenkins, Paulette McWilliams and Zedric Williams.

Anonymous said...

Well look at the BeeGees they had the same high voice, well higher but it was for music. Plus, his skin disease is not phoney, he has Vilitigo, its genetic and takes the pigment (color) out of the skin. Ive got the same skin condition but not to the same extent as MJ. Mine is located mainly on my face. But, Ive heard that castration theory before.. I hope its wrong, but maybe thats why he grabs his crotch so much as he dances, because hes missing something there....

Anonymous said...

His Dad, Joe, talked Michael into such at an early age to preserve his voice.

Anonymous said...



His voice sounds quite deep in those!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!!
This is one of the most pathetic things I've ever read.
You need to do more research on Michael + open your mind.

Castrated? ... What kind of statement is that to make? Wow, how pathetic & ridiculous. It doesn't even make me angry, I just laugh at small-minded people.
Good luck with that

ß. Andrigon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Michael!

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to hear MJ use his real voice, then look up the following:

1.) Youtube - James Brown Funeral
2.) 2000 Watts (song)

sweetgrass said...

Hello.. I have been saying the same thing for years.
I completely agree.
There is something about the way bones and ligaments develop as well that helps to add credence to this idea.

I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing, his musical genius is undeniable.

Anonymous said...

I have also thought this may well be the case for a number of years. It does fit with his persona and his singing voice, as well as his ambitious, overbearing father. Time will tell...

Anonymous said...

I've totally thought he was a castrato forever. glad I'm not the only one! wonder if they'll find out in the autopsy, one way or another . . .

Essąn Dragone said...

RIP Michael, & thank you everyone for re-reading this essay in this time of mourning. I'm not so sure I still believe it (there's some pretty good counter-arguments in the comments section). And I'm completely convinced that the 16th comment down- the one that starts "Ha ha!!"- was posted by Michael himself, googling himself late at night. It really sounds like his voice.

Visit the rest of this blog! www.itwaslost.org. We post a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff.

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing rumors that he'd been castrated back in the 70s. I was a kid - 5th grade, and I've never forgotten that, because I had to ask what it meant. So it's interesting that the thought it crossing someone's mind after 30+ years.

Anonymous said...

Its a no-brainer. Pappy had him castrated. I feel so sorry for him. Cuddling. Money is only of limited utility ... and whatever deprived him of even that completed the curse.

Anonymous said...

Its a no-brainer. Pappy had him castrated. I feel so sorry for him. Cuddling. Money is only of limited utility ... and whatever deprived him of even that completed the curse.

Anselmo said...

I've landed here because I was looking for evidences or opinion about this theory. Riccardo Muti, a famous orchestra director, today remembered how his life and his consuption, not only his voice and aspect, were so similar to the famous castrato singers, like Farinelli. If you understand italian:


Anonymous said...

wow this article explains how castration helps autoimmune disease in some mice - remember MJ had vitiligo and lupus, two different autoimmune diseases: http://books.google.com/books?id=PNPU0sknfCUC&lpg=PA161&ots=ol0M73G-Z6&dq=castration%20autoimmune&pg=PA161

and this:

Also pointing to the castration theory is the testimony that the child who brought him to court knew something strange about the appearance of his genetalia. In this theory, it would be clear that MJ wouldn't want that to get out, so settling out of court makes even more sense. The photo was thrown out of court and never leaked.

And for the record, MJ was not a pervert, but a very gentle nurturing soul, misunderstood by almost everyone, and probably the most amazing performer we have seen in our lifetime. He may not have appeared to understand "real life" but he sure did care about it and devote himself to the world. If we lived in a different society, that honored mentorship and service to the youth, that provided a place for children to explore their imaginations ... a society that wasn't so over-sexed and constantly adding stigma and sexual connotation to the idea of men hanging out with children ... and for all the positive ideology and love he's given to the world, Michael would be considered a saint.

Drew F said...

Isn't the formation of an Adam's apple related to puberty? I'd be interested in seeing comparisons of the Jackson brothers' Adam's apples!

MJ was obsessed with plastic surgery. Wouldn't he have had falsies (false testicles) implanted by the time those child molestations were happening? Or, is there something about a castrato that prevents such a restoration?

Anonymous said...

I think is a castrato. Definitely

Renee said...

It would also explain Liz Taylor's comment, that "all hell will break loose when the autopsy results come in". A drug overdose is always a sad and unnecessary way to die, but not really too uncommon or controversial. There's no reason, aside from the expected plastic surgery scars, why his autopsy results should be so shocking.

Very interesting theory. I guess we shall wait and see. I certainly wouldn't put this sort of thing past the atrocious monster of a father he has.

Anonymous said...

The fact that I got into this site is because I searched for "MJ castrated" after the thought came to my mind.
The early success of the J5 was attributable to his voice and unlike other male high pitched singers, he was always high, even in normal speech.
The "weirdness" of his life seem to be a corolary of it.
However, it is only a sign of his divinity, meaning uncommonly good and extremely out of the measure of 'small minded' people (mortals)that have no means to understand how the process of creativity works, lest to grasp the nature of an out of series being (immortal).
His voice is there for ever, as well as the world will never be the same after him.
I am not sad because of his passing, I am happy that he is out of the misery of having to share our petty lives.

Renee said...

*Correction - meant to say Liza Minelli in my comment above, not Liz Taylor.

Essąn Dragone said...

That's a fascinating comment, Renee - - - - Imagine if Liza Minelli was the one who know...?
Did you see this, BREAKING NEWS - The mother of Jackson's older two children admits that he is not the biological father - SHOCKER:

elvira said...

I am 34 years old and i have had this theory for the past 20 years! Poor Michael was the bread winner for the family, God forbid his voice would change and it would be over. Children can be brainwashed and this is likely the case. His father probably convinced him on castration with all the pros fame wealth etc. For example he is smaller and more petite than his brothers, how about those facial hair implants, the pubic guard to emphasize male sexuality because there probably wasn't much there in those tight outfits. Lack of scalp hair loss, though he probably wore a wig. Hormones play a big part in our mental stability. We always knew with one look those kids could not genetically be his and he knew if people saw them questions would arise and he would be put in the spotlight. Recently in hello Canada there were pics of two of his children. It struck me as strange, did he know the end was near?

Liliva said...

After doing some research about MJ I ended up here. Actually I never thought of this, but I'm afraid this could be true... God, I already felt terrible sorry for him, but after reading this I feel really, really bad.... I hope to God this isn't true!

Anonymous said...

I've also felt for years that Michael was a castrato. I don't remember the details but remember some controversy when I was very young regarding something his father did to keep Michael's voice from changing. The voice was a cash cow! It completely explains Michael's descent into weirdness as his life progressed. Poor Michael. He had so much talent that was used and twisted by a greedy father.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad, but very true. It's why he had such hatred for his father, and why he couldn't father his own children. It is actually pretty widely known amoungst people who knew him well, but never discussed. People are now wondering if this will come out publically in his autopsy results. I came upon your site while searching to see if there was any mention of it yet. I doubt it will remain a secret for long. Good guess on your part...but sad.

Anonymous said...

Today I read the comment from Liza Minneli and suddenly thought of this idea too. It makes sense.

We'll have to wait and see if it should come out.

Anonymous said...

As an MJ fan for 40 years, I would be amazed if your theory was wrong.

In the youtube video of MJ's remarks at James Brown's funeral, his voice sounds as if it was altered electronically. His pitch varies right in the midst of sentences.

Sirius/XM is running an MJ Tribute channel produced by Quincy Jones all week, re-airing daily until July 3. Volume is reduced mid-song in order to play a series of MJ interview snippets. At first I wondered who the woman was talking over the song.

A few of Jones' remarks gave the impression that he'd like to set the record straight.

info at: http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur54289.cfm

If comment #16 really was Michael, it doesn't mean the theory is wrong. MJ obviously had terrible trouble coming to terms with many things in this life. I think he simply feared even more humiliation. Thus he googled his fears and found your site, perhaps.

My elderly mother has thought this for the past 40 years, being a big fan of the Vienna Boys Choir. It all fits.

Anonymous said...

I grew up knowing about this... It is not a new theory... I was taught about it when I was very young -- I even had to get a little extra explanation because I was too young for details, that is how I learned what an "eunuch" is and the term castrato for singing... I always assumed everyone knew it..

Anonymous said...

I've shared this theory about MJ for years. It just explains too many of his eccentricities. I also never believed he was a child molester...I think his close relationships with children may have been a result of his psychological issues, but I don't think those relationships were sexual in nature. I think a few families saw an opportunity to squeeze him for a lot of money. He always struck me as a tortured and sensitive soul.

It's suprising that people are shocked at this theory. Through the ages parents have done many terrible things to children, for far less cause. He was the family's meal ticket. Given what we know about his father, it's tragic and abhorrent but not surprising.

Amy said...

Ok my stepfather always told me and my mother that he was castrated - he is 58years old and lived in California until he was 20 years old. He always has said that a lot of people knew this to be true that lived in California. I remember him saying this since like the 80's. And while this would be a very sad disturbing thing to have endured it is a very logical explanation to his strange and disturbing life. I think his father should be held responsible and treated accordingly!!!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that Michael's skin disease is phoney, what made/makes you think that? I mean just like Michael can't pretend to be an expert in genetics you can't pretend to be an expert in dermatology either.

Anonymous said...

I've also thought this was the case for a long time. It explains so much. However, I would like to counter the notion that castration results in zero interest or ability to have sexual encounters, including intercourse. Here is an information page on the subject written by a man who intentionally underwent castration at age 31: http://www.geocities.com/sherrylanina/CastrationEffects.html The ability to have erections & orgasms remain, though the intensity of desire for sex drops considerably. (I had suspected this, as two of my male cats -neutered well before they hit puberty- clearly do possess the sex urge, and other cat owners online have described the same thing.) So, the possibility that he was a castrato does not automatically rule out sexual interactions between him and any other person, child or adult. Given his mental health issues, he may have had strong desires to pursue some such activity for reasons other than hormonal lust.

Anonymous said...

Ever since I heard a recording of a castrato in music school, I have believed Michael Jackson was one. It would explain so many things including not being the biological father of his children. You can be a castrato without being castrated. By cutting the blood supply to the testicles, you would achieve the same result. I believe if he was actually castrated, it would have been revealed by now. He had pictures taken by police during the molestation years. I believe so much more will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the you tube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjywI7nc_PQ, Michael Jackson-Human Nature Live in Brisbane '87, this week and had a "DUH" moment: yes, I think MJ was a castrato. That fact would explain so much.

I'm sure he knew of the lives of famous castrati, such as adopting children to carry-on their name, etc.

Anonymous said...

bullshit! u guys are all crazy! poor Michael...all his life he suffered from smart asses` judgements, myths, lies, and injustice! Don`t be stupid. He had a talent! He was not gay (even though a lot of gays are very feminine and have soft voice as Michael had), he was not pedofile, he didn`t have 50 surgeries, just 2! hard to believe? u have to! there are some wonders in the world... his skin problem, his misunderstood pure love to children, his high voice. And, come on guys, it`s not actually THAT high to consider him castrato. Would u like the hole world to discuss ur genitalia after ur death? He has done something more important to talk about, hasn`t he? That`s why he was so happy and free on the stage...At those moments he knew: everybody was focused only on smth that he liked the most - his art. He knew: "if all these ppl came, they r enjoying the show now and don`t care about skin color or reproductive functions of the singer!" This article is just one more myth supported by all those who also believe in his 50 plastic surgeries, in his skin bleaching, in child molestation and all this garbage.

Anonymous said...

bullshit! u guys are all crazy! poor Michael...all his life he suffered from smart asses` judgements, myths, lies, and injustice! Don`t be stupid. He had a talent! He was not gay (even though a lot of gays are very feminine and have soft voice as Michael had), he was not pedofile, he didn`t have 50 surgeries, just 2! hard to believe? u have to! there are some wonders in the world... his skin problem, his misunderstood pure love to children, his high voice. And, come on guys, it`s not actually THAT high to consider him castrato. Would u like the hole world to discuss ur genitalia after ur death? He has done something more important to talk about, hasn`t he? That`s why he was so happy and free on the stage...At those moments he knew: everybody was focused only on smth that he liked the most - his art. He knew: "if all these ppl came, they r enjoying the show now and don`t care about skin color or reproductive functions of the singer!" This article is just one more myth supported by all those who also believe in his 50 plastic surgeries, in his skin bleaching, in child molestation and all this garbage.

Anonymous said...

I also did a Google search wondering if someone else had made the connections... I've thought it for years as well.
If he is a Castrato I hope it's made public. Talk about redemption! I don't think anyone could say he was weird then...everything would fall into place. It would explain so much about his personality, his voice, his life... It would be a crime to cover up the truth when his fans would be sympathetic, compassionate, and awed at the depths to which he would go for his career and family..

Anonymous said...

i think you are right. i know someone who used to know paul mccartney (he was a friend of a friend...) and she would often go out on occasions where he would also be.
he said that michael jackson WAS a castrato. i don't know how he would know, though. anyway, that theory explains so many things, like what you have already written.

Drew F said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I was quite interested in your article re Michael Jackson and the possibility of him being a castrato until I came across your ridiculous adjective - 'Bush-ian ignorance' so that was the end of the line for me as you are obviously a biased writer. Will not be reading any more of your blogs.

Anonymous said...

I have thought the same thing for years. When I first read a story of a castrati, Michael Jackson was the first person that popped in my head. I really would not be surprised if it was true. Strange things will be done for fame and fortune!

Anonymous said...

If anyone has doubts that Michael Jackson was a castrato, the video for You Are Not Alone is pretty convincing...completely undeveloped arms and chest, childlike nipples, skinny elongated limbs. Try to avoid YouTube vids, too grainy.


Anonymous said...

I Googled : Castrati Michael Jackson because it had occurred to me that that would explain much, and wondered if it had occurred to anyone else. It had!

Anonymous said...

The first (conspiracy) theory that actually makes sense? If he really had some nerves/arteries cut, I think it was with his 'consent' (after being 'convinced' by Joe). Would he have been such a happy boy otherwise (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FZHfYbcLRU etc)?

Was his voice really that high? Sounds rather normal to me (occasionally). Even the 'he-he' is in my octave spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Can we finally understand the autobiographic elements of 'smooth criminal'?

He couldn't harm a fly, could he?

Anonymous said...

I suspect it is extremely unlikely that Michael Jackson was a castrato. Castrati suffer from hormonal inbalances that influence body growth and lead to considerable weight gain.

Anonymous said...

"smooth criminal"

One day Joe Jackson decided that Michael should become/stay the golden goose for the family. Thus he beat the heart out of little Michael and intimidated him into 'agreeing' to the unthinkable: Having him neutered and spayed so that he could keep his golden voice.

"Sounding heartbeats - intimidations"

His mother/father/family asked whether he will be OK?
"I dont know"
"I dont know"
"I dont know"

And his mother tried to resurrect* him:
"Mouth to mouth resuscitation

Dad gone it - baby!


This is soooooouuuuu sad!! Even if it is just my wrong interpretation.
I always wish the most genius pieces of art are the product of fantasy,
but all too often they are autobiographic.



Anonymous said...

Hee-Hee OoU!

Anonymous said...

Psychiatrists often believe that self-mutilation of the nose in men results from profound feelings of rejection and fear of emerging homosexual impulses. They often equate nose mutilation in men with symbolic self-castration.

Anonymous said...

As with other conspiracy theories asking the one question opens up a lot of other questions:

Have the Bee Gees been castrated as well?

Not entirely impossible:
"Gibb was married to the Scottish pop star Lulu from 1969 to 1973; they had no children, and the pressure of their respective commitments led to their divorce.", "Stayin' Alive" etc

However their later wives did have children. (whom from)?

And maybe castration is not the only means for receiving a very high voice.

Martini Anne said...

I've thought he was a castrato for years -- it explains so much. I remember an interview he was recalling a date he had as a teenager with some now-famous actress. Jodie Foster? Martha Plimpton? Not sure, but I do recall him saying that they were in her room and she started to get frisky and he just covered his face with his hands and eventually left. Not only does this speak of child-like behavior, which is odd in an adolescent, hormone-surging phase, but it could also point to embarrassment of what was underneath his clothes...or rather, what was not.

I'd be willing to bet money on this theory, but the question is, will the truth come out? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

Lyrics supporting this theory:

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’:

Youre stuck in the middle
And the pain is thunder

You Can't Win:

You cant win
The world keeps movin
And youre standin far behind
People keep sayin
Thingsll get better
(just to ease your state of mind)
So you cant win, chile
You cant break even
And you cant get out of the game

Anonymous said...


They dont care
Theyd do me for the money
They dont care
They use me for the money

Anonymous said...

You cant get out of the game
You cant get out (ugh!) of the game
No, no...

Anonymous said...

I'm the same age as Michael and recorded him as a child on a reel to reel off the radio on AT-40. I've been dragging that set of tapes around for 40 years. There was talk in the early 70's that Michael was getting older and his voice was starting to change, and the gravy train was about to end for the Jacksons. I too came to this discussion after considerable research into the castrato theory. It's just a theory, but would explain a lot. I suppose soon know. And if it turns out to be true, may the lord have mercy on the soul of his father - because I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

If it happened, it probably happened on a sunday:

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W70Y_CHnJhQ&feature=fvw 3:00 ff

Smooth Criminal:

So They Came Into The
It Was Sunday-What A Black

Anonymous said...

He was fasting on sundays (according to himself BEAT IT. INTERVIEW 1983)

Anonymous said...

Just speculation but maybe Joe forbid Michael to give interviews (after that one:)


Watch the last 3 seconds.

Later Michael said he was afraid of his father even as an adult (ophra interview) [and had to vomit everytime he saw him]

Anonymous said...

As stated somewhere else, this theory would also explain his Peter Pan thingy. He doesn't want to be Peter Pan, he IS a Peter Pan that can never really grow up. He had to make the best out of it and he did.


Anonymous said...

Just heard Joe Jackson say 'too bad' about MJs death and immediately associated Michaels song "2 Bad":

You aint done enough for me
You are disgustin me, yeah yeah
Youre aiming just for me
You are disgustin me
Just want your cut from me
But too bad, too bad

Tori said...

Except his skin disease was not phony as you stated in in the paragraph 'HIStory'. There are photos of it all over google images, on his chest, arms, legs, neck, face. His make-up artist and doctors vouch for it and his mother said a lot of his plastic surgery has been skin depigmentation surgery to remove the few brown patches that remained since the white cannot be brought back to the original brown, he choose to even out by removing the pigment in the spots. If you're going to call him a liar, make sure you research first, fool.,

Anonymous said...

From 'castrato' in the New World Encyclopedia (url: http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Castrato): "Castration before puberty (or in its early stages) prevents a boy's larynx from being transformed by the normal physiological events of puberty. As a result, the vocal range of prepubescence (shared by both sexes) is largely retained, and thus the voice develops into adulthood uniquely. As the castrato's body grows, his lack of testosterone causes his epiphyses (bone-joints) to not harden in the normal manner. Thus, the limbs of the castrati often grew unusually long, as did the bones of their ribs. This, combined with intensive training, gave castrati unrivaled lung-power and breath capacity. Operating through small, child-sized vocal cords, their voices were also extraordinarily flexible, and quite different from the equivalent adult female voice, as well as higher vocal ranges of the uncastrated adult male (such as a soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, sopranist, countertenor or contralto). Listening to a castrato sing, one can hear that the lower part of the voice sounds like a "super-high" tenor, with a more falsetto-like upper register above that."

Tori said...

I've always thought this and that's why I've always thought he wasn't weird. What has happened to him is weird. His reaction to it is completely expected and therefore that makes him 'normal'. I love Michael Jackson. God rest his soul.

Anonymous said...

great article. i read a few comments and i noticed another anon say that the parents castrating MJ is crazy. hello?! these are crazy people! joe jackson is a total nut! this theory is brilliant and even if he wasn't castrated as a youth, he still suffered from an abnormal childhood with a man who was just trying to pimp out his children to make a buck.

Anonymous said...

While turned off to sex, some asexuals do want to be in a loving relationship, which may or may not involve sex. After all, they still have emotional needs. And they experience romantic attraction and the longing to be in a union.

Asexuals date and have romantic relationships with people who are asexual or not. Many are successful in maintaining long-term relationships. Some, though, simply like to be on their own or among friends.

The scientific research on asexuality is limited. There is debate within the scientific community as to if “asexuality” can be considered another type of sexual orientation, or if it’s more of a human condition. Then there’s the matter of whether asexuality is due to a medical cause, for example, a lack of particular hormones, or if it’s even considered an actual experience.

Some regard asexuality as more of a condition known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), which presents itself in two ways:

— A hormone imbalance or deficiency, psychological issues with sex, or a medical condition that disrupts the transmission of sexual messages to and from the brain.

— A person losing interest in sex and no longer being able to experience arousal. This may be due to stress, anxiety, anger, performance failure, depression or other emotional hardships.

Anonymous said...

It's called falsetto. It's intentional.

I suppose you think the Bee Gees were castrati too? And anyone else who sings this way?

And Michael was just soft spoken because he was shy and polite.

His real voice was less often heard but when he was feeling especially confident/happy/whatever sometimes he used his regular voice.

In fact you can hear it in his last appearance when he's talking about the concert he was rehearsing for.

Anonymous said...

Then Jermaine is a castrati too because they sound alike.

Anonymous said...

What are the highest notes Micheal struggles with here: ?

Anonymous said...

I, too think that this would actually redeem Michael. Of course, it would be absolutely devastating for his family. I'm quite sure it is illegal.

I always thought Jermaine's public voice was quite a pose - he tried to sound like Michael. On the surface he seems like a nice guy - but really just may be media savvy.

I'm not sure what to make of MJ not leaving his kids to Jermaine; who always claimed to have Michael's back.

Anyways, I came to this site because I was so mystified about MJ and it weighed so heavily on my mind that I had to take a nap. As I was waking up, I heard a voice tell me that he was castrated. And, suddenly everything makes sense.

I read somewhere that the brains does not mature with castration.

I think of his shopping spree on the documentary - isn't that what any 14 year old boy (with loads of money) would do.

As for his taste and interest in Louis XIV style furnishings/paintings - perhaps he was a castrati in a previous life - on the royal payroll.

Also - part of my deam - sorry for the digression.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that I this this was a big secret all the family members (among some others) thought they would carry to their grave. And - strange that Jermaine wants to have Michael buried at Neverland - the place where Katherine (MJ's mom) says it was the last thing MJ would want as it was the source of a great deal of pain for him - he felt it was tarnished and never wanted to go back there. Guess Jermaine likes the thought of a $$Graceland$$

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that I this this was a big secret all the family members (among some others) thought they would carry to their grave. And - strange that Jermaine wants to have Michael buried at Neverland - the place where Katherine (MJ's mom) says it was the last thing MJ would want as it was the source of a great deal of pain for him - he felt it was tarnished and never wanted to go back there. Guess Jermaine likes the thought of a $$Graceland$$

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that I this this was a big secret all the family members (among some others) thought they would carry to their grave. And - strange that Jermaine wants to have Michael buried at Neverland - the place where Katherine (MJ's mom) says it was the last thing MJ would want as it was the source of a great deal of pain for him - he felt it was tarnished and never wanted to go back there. Guess Jermaine likes the thought of a $$Graceland$$

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that I this this was a big secret all the family members (among some others) thought they would carry to their grave. And - strange that Jermaine wants to have Michael buried at Neverland - the place where Katherine (MJ's mom) says it was the last thing MJ would want as it was the source of a great deal of pain for him - he felt it was tarnished and never wanted to go back there. Guess Jermaine likes the thought of a $$Graceland$$

Doxiemom said...

Essan--if you want to find out if it really was Michael Jackson who posted the "Ha ha!!" comment @ 16, maybe you could get one of the techier ppl on your blog to track the poster's IP address.

Anonymous Coward upthread who slapped Essan for the "Bush-ian ignorance" comment. Guess you must've voted for McCain/Palin in November, eh? What else can I say but...HA ha!!

Anonymous said...

To most of the people who posted comments here: You can continue talking, talk talk blah blah blah. It is sooo shallow. Michael Jackson was an artist, not the typical pop singer, there was something timeless about his moves, his sound. He worked so very hard to master his craft. And you, I wonder what you all have achieved. I suspect much less. Still, showing no humility, you spend time gossiping about his sexuality. That's what I would call mediocrity. God help you.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered why Smooth Criminal has 'smooth' in it. Maybe he was chemically castrated.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should remove all the wrong assertions and comments before this will turn into yet another conspiracy. The problem (as with most conspiracy theories) is the mixture of true, twisted and wrong assertions.

Lets begin with the true ones:

His Whiteness

Yes, he had an odd skin condition. Seemed phony first but evidence speaks for Michael (see link).

His Children Are White:

Yepp, either he really hated himself or he had bad semen. (guess what from)

Michael Jacksons Sexuality:

Yes we all ask ourselves: Why didn't he have 1000 groupie lovers? Maybe he was religious, horrified by women, waited for Brooke Shields like angels to say yes, etc, ...

His voice:
Yes it was high, but totally in the range of normal. (see link for a nice explanation why he spoke a bit higher pitched).

His childlikeness:
To quote him: be child like but not childish. OK, he had some ridiculous moments (in the supermarket etc) but on other occasions he talked pretty adult. Lets say he was a bit supernormal.

His body:
Was a slim dancers body, but he had muscles, no boobs and even a mustach(!). [see link]

Yes it is still possible that he or his father fucked up his health a bit (by chemicals or
even hormones). But his disease might have many other sources. Finally nothing really speaks for him being a castrato.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracists thinking: If one assertion is not proven wrong the theory still lives.

Normal thinking:
If one of the assertions was proven wrong create a new theory.

Anonymous said...

>>Yes it is still possible that he or his father fucked up his health a bit

His health might as well have suffered from extreme stress (mental and physical) as well as medication later on.

Will the subpoenaed medical records reveal when he started to take soporifics?

If there is one thing we can learn from Michael it is this:

a) Drugs are bad

b) Women love dancers

c) Reporters look like idiots when confronted with obvious lies ("I only had two cosmetic surgeries, haha")

Michael was right: "ignorants"!

Now start a theory about the symbolism of reptiles (snakes and 40 black cats) in the Jacksons live...

Anonymous said...

More indirect evidence for a "joe's chemical tampering" theory from MJs song 'ghosts':

And who gave you the right to shake my family tree?
You put a knife in my back
Shot an arrow in me!

Dont understand it!
Your just a dog gone!

Anonymous said...

Is It Scary? Lyrics
[für Lisa Presley?]

Am I the beast
You visualised
And if you wanna to see
I'll be grotesque
Before your eyes

Let them all materialise

Is that scary for you baby
Am I scary for you oh
I'm tired of being abused
You know you're scaring me too
I see the evil is you
Is it scary for you baby

Doxiemom said...

I think I remember "Is It Scary?" was written as kind of a fuck-you to the media attacks from all over that he was getting in the wake of the 1993 child-molestation accusations.

Anonymous said...

A person's sexuality is something private and personal. I never saw anything strange about Michael's personality in general. To be frank, random people making such intimate conclusions about a guy they have never met is some straight up bullsh*t. He was bold when performing, why wouldn't he be in other aspects behind closed doors?

Lorrie said...

Wow! I thought I had read it all when it comes to Michael Jackson, but this ridiculous castrato nonsense just takes the cake. Besides the extreme weirdness of strangers not only wondering about but actually discussing a grown man's genitals at length to explain his singing and speaking voice, there's also the phenomenal ignorance observable in some of the stuff I've read here.

MJ wasn't asexual, homosexual, or anything other than heterosexual. He was raised with religious teachings that forbade sex before marriage. He stayed with and heeded the tenets of that religion until well in his 30s. That, coupled with his highly sexualized experience as an underage superstar, just made the issue of sex more complicated for him. I don't believe for a moment, however, that he had any sexual problems related to castration. If anything, there were too many women around who were very ready and very willing to have sex with him when he was determined to be a gentleman and keep it in his pants, society's screwed-up morals be darned.

As for his vocal register, someone has already posted YouTube links to videos where he clearly has a lower register, both when speaking and singing. There are also plenty of videos on YouTube where you can clearly hear him struggling with his changing voice while singing as a teen.

As for his long and lean or whatever limbs: he was a vegetarian who ate primarily natural foods since his teenage years to clear up his typical adolescent acne, thus he was simply skinny. I've encountered numerous interviews where he states that he just wasn't into eating and often ate only once a day, in addition to the Sunday fasting habit.

There was a song when I was younger called "The Freaks Come Out at Night." Now they all just come out on the Internet and make freaky commentary like this. No wonder it was so hard being MJ! Just about everybody but him has lost their mind!

Come on people -- get your sordid, perverted brains out of MJ's underwear! He's dead. Let him RIP at last.

Anonymous said...

Wow- where to start?

First Michael Jackson was not a soprano, he was a tenor as an adult.

Uh, it's illegal to castrate boys or men in the USA.

He was heterosexual.

He did not molest any children.

Chandler did not acurately describe MJ's genitals - despite all the media rumors otherwise.

His 2 boys are not Prince Micheal I and II. Their real names are Michael Joeseph Jackson, Jr.(nickname Prince) and Prince Michael Jackson(nickname Blanket)

There's way more but I gotta go.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson was not castrated - but Lance Armstrong was!!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to how those who vehemently deny the castration theory, and call those who only want to understand as ignorant gossips...

How exactly did you come to this page????

Anonymous said...

Here's a youtube video of MJ accepting the world music award


This is how his voice actually sounded.

Amy said...

To Anonymous that wrote-
I'm curious as to how those who vehemently deny the castration theory, and call those who only want to understand as ignorant gossips...

How exactly did you come to this page????

Much applause - you said it so perfectly. Finally.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to create a blog on this as I’ve been talking about this for nearly 30 years! I have some firsthand inside info about this, about this MJ castrati fact, as I was told this when I was 13 years old and living in Fort Lauderdale Florida and that was a nearly 37 years ago! I was told this by a woman who was married to the Mob, you see; I can tell you more to confirm this!

Anonymous said...

Michael never deserved to have so many scandalous things written about him. a lot of what you say is quite biased and unfair and untrue. however, as i'm sure you're aware, it has recently come out that michael's doctor has said there was an incident where joe had kicked michael in the testicles so hard as to cause permanent damage, and prevent him from ever having children.

maybe this is all there ever was to it, and maybe now we can remember michael for the legend he is. x

Tünde said...

Hi, I googled this topic because I wanted to know if anybody else had this idea apart from me. I first listened to an MJ interview (Oprah Winfrey) in my life after his death on You Tube. I grew up with his music, I love him, but I think I had always listened to his interviews dubbed, since I am from Hungary, Europe. So, I heard his real voice in the Oprah interview, and the first thing that came into my mind was: Was he castrated? How can he have such a high-pitched voice? Maybe it's because I've been brought up in a European country, in European culture, but I was really surprised that nobody has ever thought of this. For me this was the first thought. I mean it would be so obvious, in Europe in the Middle Ages, but even in the XVIIIth century, little boys were castrated to keep their "angel" voice. And that would explain so many things in MJ's life. I also thought he was asexual. I have two asexual friends, they are very good friends and very good persons. Nothing wrong with that. I love Michael, I love his music, and I also saw those videos from 1975 when he is struggling with the higher notes in Ben, but castration would be an explanation for so many things in his life. Not just his voice. Luv you Michael, Rest in Paradise.

Anonymous said...

Just want to response on this comment

"Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to how those who vehemently deny the castration theory, and call those who only want to understand as ignorant gossips...

How exactly did you come to this page????"

I didn't search under castrato keyword or anything, but search for MJ on google image search, I found one image linked to http://www.scientificblogging.com/quantum_gravity/blog/michael_jackson_castrato_comparing_jackson_great_singer_past_who_was then it links to this page. Just want to say that it's not necessary that you can only get to this page by keyword "Michael Jackson Castrato" or something along this line

Anonymous said...

If you want to hear Michael's low tones, listen to his album, Invincible. Specifically track 9. It was all natural, no tone editing involved. ;D

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Michael was a castrato. Perhaps not.

I recall having a black fellow student, so handsome without any surgery, about the size of Michael and with a thin feature. He was not a castrato but puberty never took place despite the fact that he was 22 years old. He's been going to Doctors with no result. Like he told me once: "What can I do, it has not descended". His voice was remaining high pitched like one of a girl. He and Michael shared the same possibility to appear as a man or as a woman just by a change in the hair and clothes. He did had the strenght of a man though as I remember taking to the ground someone that had insulted him on his feminine appearance and started to attack him.

Could that have been the same for Michael?

Although his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, said, just after his disappearing, that Michael could not have children due to the fact that, as a young child, he was severe beaten on the testicles by his father so that they were crushed.

In Martin Bashir's interview, Michael said that his father was not only beating him with a belt but also with electric wires and all sorts of thing, that his mother was yelling at the father:"Stop, you are going to kill him". And I remember the way Michael put his hand on his face in a gesture of horror as he recalled what happened.

Shame on the prosecutors that made a hell of his life in the last years. Due to the photos of his genitalia, they were knowing and they could have let him in peace.Photos of him at the Santa Barbara Attorney's office reflect such an inner pain, sadness, despair and being torn apart by this world.

It left him destroyed and the message of him on the UK fan club mentionning tears is only too true.

Are the States a land of freedom and understanding? In any case, not a land of Love and compassion.

Anonymous said...

"Although his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, said, just after his disappearing, that Michael could not have children due to the fact that, as a young child, he was severe beaten on the testicles by his father so that they were crushed."

Actually, no. A british tabloid said that Klein's former significant other told them that story. There has never been such a statement by Klein either on video or in a reliable publication. Just another case of third hand "information". Don't believe everything you read.

Anonymous said...

Listening again and again to his voice, I don't think is a castrato. It ranges in the mild medium way spoken in France or Italy among artists or intellectuals (you may hear them on TV for instance).

About the oil painting you mentionned as creepy behind Michael in the interview, well it came to my mind a parallel with the 'Et in Arcadia Ego" from Nicolas Poussin, second version. Same set of suroundings, country side with flowers, a similar treatment of Michael's body although he's in front; the stick he holds in his left hand is similar to that of the sheperds, it only has some ivy (or convolvulus it's hard to see); however both of them are sacred plants of Dionysos.

On his right side down is a flute of Pan (Syrynx). And Pan is, with Hermes (there is a statue of Hermes in Neverland park), the god of Arcadia in Ancient Greece, the mythic country of sheperds who enjoyed themselves with pastoral music. Would that mean that Michael was aware of the Mysteries of Dionysos and perhaps read about those of Orpheus? And pictured himself as a Myst of Greek Mysteries. The flute of Pan is supposed to be made of seven reeds in the beginning (nine when originating from Thrace with Orpheus)going from Moon (high-pitched) to Saturn (low-pitched) representing the music of the spheres, creation and encompassing the universe with harmony.

By the first stick, just under is what seems a butterfly which, in Ancient Greece, is the symbol of immortality. So that the context could be one of the world beyond as often a butterfly was represented on funerary stelae in Attica. To be pointed out is the fact that Arcadia played the role of a mythic country in the seventeeth century just like Neverland for Michael. Not to mentionned that in the name Peter Pan is Pan again.

As for the Cherubims standing around (I could not count the exact number which could be symbolic), Pan had small Geniuses around him. In fact it was thought that Pan could only communicate to the earthly human beings through these Geniuses.When linked to the celestial world, they were wearing wings to inspirate the soul they were around. When the same soul was meant to be only on terrestrial level, they were having no wings.

Now I wonder what are the flowers on the diadem: white roses or convolvulus. Convolvulus goes as far as Ancient Egypt linked with Ra-Horkhaty and its transmutation of beings into solar light (see Stela of Taperet in Louvre). White roses is linked with Middle Ages and Dante espacially (la Rosa Bianca of the Divine Comedy).

I don't think this oil-painting is creepy but full of symbols as a eternal regenerative quintessentia.

Tünde said...

Thank you for the detailed explanation, it was indeed very interesting for me and informative!

Anonymous said...

Could be chronic orchitis or epididymitis due to trauma in the groin region. This would explain the use of opiates such as hydrocodone and later oxycontin and more in order to sleep.....and also the recurrent aching in the back on top of the broken vertebrae. MJ wasn't an addict. He might have just be trying to go on with this condition affecting his life.

Anonymous said...

that is the most fucked up shit ive ever read. first of all...how can u put michael jackson and castration in the same sentence? Nothing has ever been sad that he was related to that at all, so thats just a theory that you made up in your head and your going to start making people believe something thats not true. and also, james welsch and the person who remains anonymous above his comment said that he should be "the prince of pop" because he said he wasnt tempted to have sex with his first girlfriend...how does that make him the "prince?" your reffering to him like hes weird or like a little kid because he didnt want to have sex with someone? i dont understand that. Just because you seem to agree with having sex with everyone that seduces you doesent mean that someone who doesent is a "prince not a king" you are so fuckd up. and alot of the things that you wrote in this blog are wrong...pay attention to real facts not what other people make up asshole.

Michalis Rizos said...

Hey dude, listen to "2000 Watts" from the Invincible album and you can assume whether his voice has masculine capabilities.

lismrrs said...

Very interesting hypothesis but unfounded. Please listen to 2000 watts and the announcement of Michael stating its his last curtain call. Naturally he had a much lower voice. He was always performing in the public eye so he created a public persona, perhaps to protect himself and distance himself from Michael jackson the man, and Michael Jackson the performer. In today's society we are over precautiuos with our children. With ever increasing child abductions and sexual attacks on children mentioned in the media, we are suspicious of anyone that even takes an innocent photo. Do I think that Michael Jackson abused children I can honestly state no. I do how ever think he regressed into his childhood as a coping mechanism. I too have a childish sense of humour that I keep wrapped up as it is not deemed acceptable. I liked his humour and thought it was innocent. If he had little girls in his bed that would really have caused a stir. As he didn't believe in sex before marriage he wanted the same things we all do. A simple gesture like a cuddle and a warm body near by. That does not mean sexually. Perhaps that does cross the line for most people and of course it is not the norm. But Michael slept with his brothers and sisters in one room when they lived in Gary. This was not so abnormal or a strange concept to him. His only fault was that he treated children as his peers. I belive that stemmed from his lack of control in his life. He was part of a machine that was Michael Jackson. He was the pay packet and central key figure of this machine. He was a lonley figure that was isolted from reality and was harshly judged. In simple terms kids don't analyis in the same way adults do. They take things on face value. If they see a fat person they just think oh there fat. Not that they may have been ill or that they have psychological issues and eat for comfort. That is perhaps the key to his relationship with children. Yes perhaps he was infertile but I belive that would have to do more with perscription drug abuse than being a chemically castrated. But at the end of the day being a parent is more than providing DNA. His kids loved him and he them. I don't know if they are his biologically and its a shame for the world if they are not. But putting this aside the man believed in a higher source and tried to help humanity. It is due to things written like this article that drove him underground and into the fantasy world he created. It is not our business to know anymore than the entertainment he provided for us. That is his legacy and his gift to the world. He was a humanitarian that gave millions of his own money to make the world a better place. In return we have riddiculed, hurt him, his family and leave nonscense like this for his children to read as they grow older. In short when someone starts making things up about you and prints them for the world to read consider this.....how ould it make you and your family feel?

Amy said...

I dont beleive that the drugs they say he was addicted to cause anyone to become "infertile" as you stated lismrrs. And we are not trying to judge him or ridicule him for this- we are trying to understand his very strange approach to life. And again I want to ask why he didnt use his own sperm for these children?? I think that that fact is another fact to support what is being said here - and I cant beleive more arent asking that question.

Grodan said...

How should one analyze Mihael without being aware of his extremly religious mother and abusive father. The mixture of a view of perfection combined with physical and emotional abuse and the conflicting demands of one view of spirituality and the fantasies of celebrity had a tragic effect on Michael’s psychology. He was an amazing talent, and I guess I’m still glad that he had that to focus upon despite all the difficulties that his upbringing created in him. What a shame that the tabloid press did mess upp his life. And what a shame that such a talented person was excluded from something that you ought not to be excluded from, namely the right to be a human. His life experiences even rejected him to have his own sexuality. I could only feel sadness knowing that no one seriously tried to help this man during his childhood, just expoloiting his talent, that was the only thing people around him wanted. Yeak.

Anonymous said...

"I do not know that much about Michael Jackson or his music..."
Yes, that much is obvious.

"A subject of castration who is altered before the onset of puberty will retain a high voice, non-muscular build, and small genitals." (Wikipedia)

""In castration before puberty there is (1) tallness, abnormal
length or thickness of the legs, underdevelopment of hair on the face and body, with good development of scalp hair, thinness. Obesity develops much later in some cases from reaction from the pituitary gland. (2) Inability of the male to perform sexual intercourse and lack of sexual craving, defective development of the external genitals, prostate and seminal vesicles" (www.eunnuch.org)

"Small genitals?" "Defective development of the external genitals"? Michael Jackson? Are you kidding? May I refer you to http://mjjdreamworld.yuku.com/topic/450/t/PANTS-ahem-FULL-PANTS-Gold-Pants-and-more-MERGED-AGAIN.html?page=1 for some counter-evidence?

Anonymous said...

"I recall that in one of the court cases, there was some talk about the victim identifying something unusual about the defendant's genitalia, & there was going to be a photograph of the King of Pop's privates exhibited as corroborative evidence."

Yes, there was something unusual. He had vitiligo and his private parts were as freckled as the rest of his body.

Anonymous said...

His "phoney skin disease"? Maybe you'll do some research before writing an article calling someone a liar. His dermatologist handed over the med files in the 1993 trial and confirmed he had vitiligo. There are legal documents confirming that.

I honestly would like to know what MJ has ever done to anyone to deserve all that smear he constantly gets.

Anonymous said...

See the Little Prince, what is important is Heart consciousness. Nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

Please drop this story, its quite offending because while Michael may have been confusing to those who never knew him, you still shouldnt assume such insane claims. Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DExMNdStZU --heres a recording of Michael on the phone with the voice coach- pay close attention starting at 4:30 and listen til about the 5 min mark. Castrato's dont and cant go that deep. Maybe with the public, Michael displayed a soft, well-mannered, higher-pitch speaking voice, that doesnt mean he didnt have a lower register.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson had a deep voice in a few videos I like to share....




Anonymous said...

Now that the results of the autopsy have been revealed, we know that Michael Jackson was NOT castrated, and not sterile - he was actively producing sperm. But of course his female fans knew there was nothing wrong with his rather impressive equipment. There are numerous videos on YouTube where after a few seconds of hugging a female fan, MJ sports a rather impressive erection. And this in front of thousands of people. I don't think a castrato could manage that!
White observers may think it impossible that MJ is the father of such light-skinned children, but Quincy Jones, Ben Harper, and other black men with white spouses have children just as "white" as the Jackson children. (They only look white when they're standing next to black people. When they're next to actual white people you see how brown the little Jacksons are.)
Michael Jackson the weirdo, the castrato, the molester, is a persona created by the media, which found a black man who could drive white girls into a fainting frenzy too sexually provocative. The man had a big dick, and it worked just fine. You all need to chill.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson was classified as Tennor. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAYBtgcdLdY and hear him warming up with Seth Riggs, his vocal coach. He hits VERY LOW notes. His high pitched quiet voice came from shyness I am sure.

Amy said...

Hello?! - They did not release his
autopsy - just some of the findings. The complete report is
being held by LAPD. So we do not yet know what the report says- you
need to get informed and chill yourself!!!

janeil88 said...


Anonymous said...

I saw on The Smoking Gun were MJ's testicles were definitely intact but I want to SEE EXACTLY WHERE on the autopsy report that it states that MJ was ACTIVELY PRODUCING SPERM because I didn't see it in this report that janeil88 mentioned. I do believe I read this on another autopsy report though, but I cannot remember where I saw it. I still wish MJ had had biological children with Lisa Marie though. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous (1:45 AM, July 16, 2009) - well, if it's illegal, then that definitely means it didn't happen; no one ever does anything that is illegal

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous (8:20 PM, April 06, 2010) - yeah, it doesn't say it; it just says "both testes are in the scrotum and are unremarkable and without trauma" on page 11 of 23

Clarification said...

Hey, I just wanted to clear up a few speculations you have on here...

1. When you said Michael shows no signs of speaking or singing in low notes, I seriously laughed. Just sayin. XD Michael Jackson had an AMAZING vocal range. He can reach notes higher AND lower than I can, and I'm a female singer in show choir and everything. His song "Shout" hits a LOT of low notes. And so do most all of his songs on the Invincible album. "Xscape" is also a pretty low song of his. And as for the high notes he can hit... There are a few guys in my show choir who can hit insanely high notes and do every so often just to show off their range to us women. And I'm pretty sure none of them are castrated... Especially since one of them is also a bass. Heh.. And his speaking voice wasn't the lowest, but it wasn't exactly all that high either. Lots of men have middle ranged voices.. Everybody is different. I think that people forget that, just because Michael's famous doesn't make him like everyone else in the world...

2. You reffered to Jackson's skin disease, as phony.. Which it was NOT. Here are some videos to prove this to you:

3. It makes PERFECT sense for Michael's kids to be white and still be geneticially his children. Michael himself wasn't 100% black either. His paternal grandmother, Joe's mom, was white. And his maternal grandfather, Katherine's mom, was I think 1/2 indian. So, that would make Michael 1/4 white and 1/8 Indian. Meaning he was only 5/8 african america. Or, in other terms, only slightly over HALF black himself. Considering Prince and Paris's mother, Debbie Rowe, is completley caucasion, that means Prince and Paris are 5/16 black, 1/16 Indian, and 5/8 (10/16) white. So, as you can see, genetically, they ARE more white than black. Blanket, who is said to have an African American mother, doesn't even look white at ALL. So.. I don't know what picture you're looking at... but..if ANYTHING he looks african american or hispanic. Also, about his children's eye color, it also makes sense for them to be blue. Blue eyes are a recessive trait to brown eyes. So here's how it more than likely went down:
Joe has brown eyes because his father gave the brown eye trait, but he is more than likely a carrier of the blue eye gene from his mother. but it wouldn't SHOW. So, Katherine only has the brown eye gene from her parents. African Americans and Indians typically BOTH have brown eyes. Therefore, in the creation of Michael, he HAD to get a brown eyed trait from Katherine. But it's also very likely Joe passed on that blue eyed gene he was carrying. So now Michael is also a carrier. If he gave the blue eyed gene in conception with the blue-eyed Debbie Rowe, then his children would also have blue eyes. It's not that strange, really.

Oh, and here are some vids that might help prove to you they ARE his children:

Also, I found it VERY interesting how you started off this article with "I don't know very much about Michael Jackson--" etc and then proceeded to say all these things about him. XD Maybe next time you should actually KNOW your stuff before you make claims like these.

This comment is of no offence to you in anyway, I just felt the need to clear up these issues for everyone reading this. :)

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely NO WAY he could have been a castrato.
I say this with great conviction, due to having heard many of his songs that showcased a low and normal "male" voice. Almost all of the tracks on his recent "Invincible" album would be the proof of that.
Just listen to "2000 Watts" (super low resonance in voice) or "Whatever Happens" (uses scraps of falsetto in chorus, but has a normal mid-tone). Many of his unreleased songs are of a low tone as well.

2000 Watts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=196Ycla-IBs
Shout (unreleased): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPiGY58x9cE
Slave 2 The Rhythm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx9z9E0WGow&feature=related

By the way, he is not anything close to being a mezzo soprano. His voice is a tenor and he has a vocal range of 4 octaves- according to his personal vocal coach: Seth Riggs. His high notes are a result of years of practice and great control over falsettos and exclamations. One of his favorite techniques would be the constant hiccuping in his songs to maintain the pitch. Exclamations and use of head notes are very well associated to him, and is a large part of his singing style. He can most definitely reach a low "baritone-like" quality in his voice, like many other sources have concluded. When he is comfortable, he speaks with a deep voice. Lisa Marie confirms this fact in many interviews, saying that he has a manly voice.

Vocal Warm-up with Seth Riggs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DExMNdStZU

Anonymous said...

Also watch the "Making Of Ghosts" video where he narrates the story behind the scenes. he is in character as "The Mayor" and his voice, HOLY CRAP, sounds nothing like him!
Watch the video all the way to the end. The most shocking part is near the end.

Anonymous said...

Mj's skin disease isn't fake. It was called vitiligo and you can google it. Why would he bleach his skin anyway? He never bleached his skin. And why is it that people always try and make him seem like he is a weirdo or something. He's not even weird. He didn't have a very large ego even tho he was and still is the greatest entertainer of all time. He was a sweet and humble person.