April 19, 2007

A Prophecy

In today's Economist, in a report about the downfall of the Neocons, it is written "Mr Cheney is proving no more destructible than Lord Voldemort." Well, as the world well knows, the seventh & final Harry Potter book will be released July 21st, in eighty-nine days. Nothing is certain, of course, & Lord Voldemort may prevail, Harry die, or both - but I tend to be an optimist - And, really, the series, marketed primarily to adolescents, has already be surprisingly dark. Furthermore, the last few weeks have shown people closer & closer to Bush going down, (altho, characteristically, neither Wolfowitz nor Gonzales have submitted their resignations). Let's take the Economist's sentence as a prophecy, & hope to see both You-Know-Whos fall in July. You heard it here first.

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