April 26, 2007

Bookstore Conversations #1,300 & #1,301, & #1,302

Bookstore Conversation #1,300

Customer: Yeah, do you have those pens with the...
Your Hero: You know, Amsterdam Art went out of business. This is just a bookstore now.
Customer: Oh, no! When did that happen?
Your Hero: About eighteen months ago.
Customer: Oh! I guess I haven't been here for a while! But it was an institution! Do you know why it went?
Your Hero: A complicated mix of reasons.
Customer: What is this now?
Your Hero: A book store. We sell remaindered books, like leftover books that didn't sell in other stores.
Customer: Do you know where the closest art store is?
Your Hero: Yeah, it's four blocks down at University at Sixth, it's called Blick's.
Customer: Blake's?
Your Hero: No, Blick's.
Customer: And that's four blocks down, on the right or on the left?
Your Hero: On this side of the street. You'll see it.
Customer: Okay, thank you.
Your Hero: Have a nice day.

Book Store Conversation #1,301

Your Hero: Hello - Hello - Are you looking for an arts store?
Customer: Yes! What happened to it?
Your Hero: Amsterdam went out of business.
Customer: Oh, no! How long ago?
Your Hero: Eighteen months ago. We're just using this space to sell remaindered books.
Customer: Shit, I already put money in the meter. Is there an art store near by?
Your Hero: Four blocks down at University & Sixth, called Blick.
Customer: Blake?
Your Hero: No, Blick, like Richard Blick, Dick Blick's.
Customer: You know, you still have the art store sign up.
Your Hero: I know that. I'm powerless to take it down.

Book Store Conversation #1,302

Customer: This is a bookstore. Is Amsterdam next door?
Your Hero: No, they've gone out of business.
Customer: They've completely gone out of business. You don't have picture frames?
Your Hero: No, this is a bookstore now.
Customer: Is there an art store around here?
Your Hero: I have no idea.
Customer: Okay, thank you.

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