March 11, 2007

Photos: Fallen Leaf Lake & Desolation Wilderness, Fall 2004

These are photos from my first season working at the Stanford Sierra Conference Center, on Fallen Leaf Lake, which is just South of Lake Tahoe in California. Click on the image to see it larger.

“Dear old man,” she said, softening down, & a little shifting the subject, “when you think of that old kinsmen of yours, you know there must be a secret closet in this chimney.”

“Secret ash-hole, wife, why don’t you have it? Yes, I dare say there is a secret ash-hole in the chimney; for where do all the ashes go to that we drop down the queer hole yonder?”

“I know where they go to; I’ve been there almost as many times as the cat.”

“What devil, wife, prompted you to crawl into the ash-hole! Don’t you know that St Dunston’s devil emerged from the ash-hole? You will get your death one these days, exploring all about as you do. But supposing there be a secret closet, what then?”

“What, then? why what should be in a secret closet but – ”

“Dry bones, wife,” broke in I with a puff, while the sociable old chimney broke in with another.

-Herman Melville, “I and my Chimney” (1856)

Infinite sad mischief has resulted from the profane bursting open of secret recesses.

-Herman Melville, “I and my Chimney” (1856)

A man walks into a bar, & half of his head is an orange.

The bartender says: “If you don’t mind me asking, why is half of your head an orange?”

The man replies: “Well, it’s a funny story. I was in a mysterious cave in Turkmenistan, & I found a lamp, & when I rubbed it a magic genie came out & gave me three wishes. For my first wish, I asked that my wallet would always be full of money, so no matter where I was, & opened it, there’d be more bills in it.”

The bartender said: “Gee, that’s a pretty smart wish.”

The man says, “Yeah. For my second wish, I asked that no matter where I passed out, no matter how drunk or wasted I was, when I woke up, I would be in my own bed with no hangover.”

The bartender said: “Wow, that’s a really great wish. What was your third wish?”

The man says, “For my third wish, I asked that half of my head would be an orange.”

-Joke told to me by Miss Jennie Jo Lee.

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