March 07, 2007

E-mail: Communicating with Danny Curley Holt, & some highschool news archives

Date:Wed, 7 Mar 2007 11:20:29 -0800 (PST)
From:"James Welsch" <>
Subject:Little Miss
To:Send an Instant Message "Danny Curley Holt" <>


I'm sitting at work, googling, & I just found something crazy. Put this into google:

"Danny Holt" site:

It's quite an artform, Google, like mining, but for treasures more mysterious.

You know, they're getting in trouble with publishers & copyright hawks, because they're scanning every book. They want to make every book ever published searchable.

I was thinking how impossible that would be with music. How could you scan an audio recording & make it searchable? Like googling for "L'homme arme".

I'm sorry we never spoke on the phone when you called months ago. I'm very flakey with my cellphone, but not flakey with other mediums, like talking to someone in person, or even electronic mail. What's the address to your new house? Is you piano white, black, or pink? I know you zip around at 90 miles per hour while talking on your cellphone, but I try & keep mine as far from my reproductive organs as possible. You know 200,000 Americans have died in car crashes since the invasion of Iraq, where, relatively, 3,000 Americans have died.

I keep my iPod on "random album" at work, & then skip the album if it's inappropriate. Bela Fleck playing classical music is playing right now, he's playing The Moonlight Sonata with Edgar Meyer. Who knew? Have you recorded "Wed"? I wish you'd send your latest recordings to 1985 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703.

Well, I long to attend one of your salons. There are complicated issues involving why I never go South anymore.

Watch closely the new Alarm Will Sound DVD of live Reich. Yours truly is in the front row the audience, sometimes right under Caleb's armpit.

Speaking of whom, Alarm Will Sound plays Berkeley this weekend. I think it's all Nancarrow.

I live in this beautiful apartment. We have a guest futon & another couch, so you could theoretically arrive with a vanload of hippies & I could accommodate - so, if you're ever near the bay area with a vanload of hippies, they have a place to stay.

I was just ten feet from John Adams's butt the other day, conducting his new opera. I reviewed it here.

Why don't you play that first interlude from that sonata? It's so beautiful, & the world has no idea. I have issues with closure, which my therapist advizes me to get the fuck over. Actually, my therapist never swears, except when I'm [doing something offensive to] her from behind. I don't have a therapist, but if I did, she'd be a [derogatory slang for attractive female human].

Stravinsky's Symphony in C just came on now. Who knew?

Who's your girlfriend?



In regards to the above suggestion for Mr Holt to google himself in that listserv website: Someone has posted some selected archives of the E-NEWS from my high-school, the Interlochen Arts Academy. O, some fond memories can be found, mostly the listings for concerts we gave, during our young creative salad days. For instance, from March 10, 1999:

Composers Forum:  Thursday, March 11, 8:30 p.m., in the Chapel.
Featuring **world premieres** of works by Ayaka "Kew" Nishina,
Danny Holt, James Welsch, Steve Whipple, and faculty member Elaine

From February 16, 2000:

CONGRATULATIONS: Seven Academy students were named finalists in the Arts Recognition and Talent Search (ARTS) program and received additional awards following a week of workshops and presentations in Florida. Writing student Onnesha Roychoudhuri, who received a level II award, was also invited to compete for a Presidential Scholar in the Arts Award. Other awardees include: Jaren Philleo (oboe) Level II; Shea Scruggs (oboe) Level I; James Welsch (composition) Level II; Bonnie Whiting (percussion) Level II; Jamie Polychronis, IAA '99, (flute) Level III; and Jessie Iott (writing) Level II. In addition, Academy students received seven Honorable Mentions and 15 Merit Awards prior to the January event. ARTS is a national program designed to identify, recognize, and encourage talented high school seniors who demonstrate excellence in dance, photography, theater, jazz, music, voice, visual arts, or writing.

From February 11th, 1999:

Composers' Forum:  Friday, February 12, 8:00 p.m. in the Chapel.
Will feature works by Danny Holt, James Welsch, Ashley Fure, David
Stinson, Levi Taylor, Mr. Joe DeFazio, and special guest Dr. Doy
Baker.  If you always wanted to know what a THEREMIN was, this is
your chance to find out (and hear it played!).

I believe I was playing the theremin in an improvised improvisation with Nicole DeLaittre.

Is this boring for you yet? I’m still having a blast. From November 11th, 1999:

COMPOSERS' FORUM: The first student Composers' Forum of the year is on Saturday, November 13, at 8:00pm in the Chapel. Come hear new music written by Ashley Fure, Steven Whipple, David Stinson, Jonathan Shapiro, Victor Giraldo, James Welsch, and faculty member John Boyle.

MISSING GLASSES: Kelly Greenfield is missing a pair of glasses in a green Lenscrafter soft case. If you find them, please return them to Kelly in Counseling Services, or contact her by email (greenfieldkk) and she will come to you. "The computer screen is much more difficult to read without them!" Kelly says.

MISSING NOTEBOOKS: Cassidy Barnes is missing two notebooks. His lab notebook is a dark green spiral and has his name on the inside, with Physics and Chemistry written on the first page. His chem binder is a lighter shade of green and has the Interlochen logo on the front and his name on the inside. If found, please contact Cassidy in Hemingway.


ROAD TO WELLNESS THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Someone asked the other day, "Where is the music we used to hear in the cafeteria?" The inquiry prompted an interest in what actually led to the practice of music being played over meals. Research indicates that it all started a long time England. When he wasn't beheading wives, Henry VIII kept a court band of 79 musicians on hand for his royal entertainment. Meanwhile, his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, made popular the whole idea of dinner music. Word has it that she could not eat supper unless she was being serenaded. So, there you go. While not answering the original question, it is interesting. One should also note that more Thoughts For The Day are needed! Email your ideas to Michael Haynes (haynesma).

TODAY'S MENU: Lunch - beef barley soup, plain and flavored wing dings, vegan chop suey, brown rice, snow pea pods, deli. Dinner - vegetarian vegetable soup, pork chops, vegan stew, scalloped potatoes, baby carrots, hot cinnamon applesauce, deli.

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Deborah said...

Sir James H. Welsch,

I do hope this reaches you as I apparently just emailed/posted/contacted a stranger who is very much NOT you.

Delightfully embarrassing, I assure you.

In a moment of super-hero like internet genius, I located Melinda Novak who pointed me in your direction.

I don't know how this website works. Feel free to blame our years on the commune for my technological inabilities as I do.

Naturally, I find you are up to all sorts of creative awesome. I, on the other hand, am among the boring finishing up law school. To think, Sir James, these people have never even heard of a theremin.

I hope you and your family are very well.

Debbi Scop