March 05, 2007

Bulletin: Gabriel García Márquez's Eightieth Birthday Bash

From: S. Sandrigon

Date: Mar 5, 2007 11:17 AM
Subject Gabriel García Márquez's Eightieth Birthday Bash
Attention Friends, Fans, Player-Haters,

After some scheduling-confusion, I am proud to finalize that TO-MORROW, Tuesday, March 6th, Gabriel García Márquez's 80th Birthday, there will be a celebratory party at my beautiful Berkeley Apartment at 1985 Ashby Ave. We had planned to have coca leaves & an adolescent prostitute, but unfortunately my hook-ups for both completely flaked on me. Does anyone have any connections for coca-leaves! As for my ties to the kiddie-porn industry, they have been severed after a complicated incident involving Ted Haggard, Tim Lahaye, a rotary huller, & a ten-gallon bucket of hummus.

I apologize for the Tuesday Night engagement, but plans to move it to Friday were boggled by various conflicts. To-morrow will be Gabo's day itself, & we'll establish a direct phone link to Cuernavaca. Tuesday is the New Friday in Magical Reality. Fried plantains will be served, along with fancy beverages & of course my hookah. Selected readings will be respectfully orated. Contact me if you want to attend, & need instructions or whatever...

A.k.a. S. Sandrigon, Prophetic Poet & American National Bard

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James Welsch said...

As we realized last night, yesterday was Gabriel García Márquez's 79th birthday. I suppose last night's was only a warm-up for the barn-raiser next March 6th. The food was especially delicious last night, with fried plantains & a tofu-yellow-curry-coconut-milk thing. Selections from his literature were also read out loud to an appreciative audience.