February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday! New Web Address!

Dear Friends & loyal readers,

To celebrate the one year anniversary of this fabulous weblog, I have purchased a domain name. Namely, www.itwaslost.org. Click on it! It will take you right to this page! Please update your bookmarks accordingly. Happy Birthday! Remember fondly just twelve months ago, my first posting, a recipe for millet cookies?

If you recall, I was considering changing the name of this 'blog to Live from the Webb Block. Because, you see, I was writing it from home, where I live, my beautiful Berkeley apartment, here:

I live behind the four rectangular windows, on the second floor, on the far left. That intersection to the right is a bit noisier these days. (America! Lament! What have to done to your cities!)

However, I am now employed at a bookstore, which asks very little of me, except to sit here & read, inform about a hundred people a day that the old art supply store went out of business, & occasionally sell a book. Therefore, I will continue with the "lost" theme, chronicling these, my lost years (at least according to my autobiographer.)

So that it won't be googled, I won't mention the name of the book store or the old art supply store, but I'll tell you that I will be continuing to write the itwaslost.org 'blog from here:

You can see why people confuse it for art supplies. Much of the building has fallen into disrepair, the graffiti on some of Piet's sexy squares painted over with the wrong color. But we have dirt cheap prices on old new books! Stay tuned for more entries from this location. I'm contemplating compiling a list of all the people who come into the store during one average day. I also have a ton of new pictures, recently digitalized, which should appear soon.


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