September 28, 2006

Secular Poem

She writes the filthiest poetry we've ever come across.

Her poetry is written in not only the crudest of languages,

And marching naked in its metaphors the vilest of acts,

And rife with taboo fetishes, & backwards on the pages,

And topplings of moral structures, & perversions of facts,

And secret things in public kitchens drenched in secret sauce;

Not only is her poetry obscene, in words unknown, what

Unthought-of misconducts, in sliding racial-ethnic scales,

And body parts unheard-of, never even in textbooks shown; but

Offensive parodies of mystic insight & sacred details.

The ancient lyrics of the divine are trivialized in her verses,

And acts of saints are rendered bawdy, the thoughts of noble kings

Are mocked as profiteering off of endless wars of curses,

And truth is born from fornication of the foulest things.

Yet if we would condemn this poet to a life of silence,

O the riots we would cause, O the streets would tear with violence!

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