September 02, 2006

Letter to Zelda Bronstein (Berkeley Mayoral Candidate)

Dear Zelda,

I assume you don't take "the kid" Christian Pecaut's mayoral race seriously, but he does have one great idea. In his flyer on my windshield, he hand-drew a map of Telegraph Avenue as a "Pedestrian Promenade". How great would that be? In a green-minded city like Berkeley, there are no districts or streets where cars are entirely banned. Even on the fabulous "bicycle boulevards", I feel like I'm always getting out of the way of an automobile, and inert ones are always lining every street. The peace of carless-ness shouldn't be an exclusive right of residential neighborhoods or college campuses. We could open up the middle of Telegraph to commercial carts, street performers, & much more - kicking cars off would be instant culture! & I'm sure more and & people are feeling this way.

Good luck,

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