August 23, 2006

Song of the Cannonball

Sent by a rash love, a birthday pony,
_____Endlessly illuminated by essays,
_____A mess of gray books in a maze,
Denounced by beards and drunks,
A dwarf & a giant fettered in matrimony,
Denounced by hippies and scholars and punks,
A stream of lies and the solemn reality
_____Tied together in a cave,
Calling out to the threshold of impartiality,
_____And sand summoned by a ceaseless wave,
__________And three metaphors and two blunt facts.

A request for return from the orphaned widowers,
_____Immortally entombed in a flatulent statue,
_____A pestilent flowerpot or two,
Praised by historians and pundits and a ragtime's curse,
A long fence thru a field of decay and cannibal rattlesnakes,
Praised by a senator and the terrorists and worse,
An orgy of hurricanes and airplanes and earthquakes,
_____A polygamous investment,
The rhetoric of morality, the persistency to believe in his mistakes,
_____And three borrowed and four more lent,
__________And one more taken when the silence attacks.

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