August 30, 2006

E-mail to Samuel Tear Amidon

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 17:15:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: "James Welsch" <>

Subject: Farting
To: "Samuel Tear Amidon" <>

Dear Sam,

You know, I just found out, Jacob Danziger lives two blocks away from me. I haven't seen him yet, tho. Why don't you go to Mills also?

My parents' only comment about American Wake (which I put at the top of their netflix queue) was: "Thomas really has terrible posture!"

I liked it, watching it again. I think it's a subtle movie about modern multiculturalism. It's kind of ironic that the movie you're in is kind of the opposite from the type of movie I bet you daydream about being in.

Politics: What the fuck is going on?
Art: So last century.
Music: I like Brad Mehldau's newest album. I'm trying to listen to more jazz. That would be easier if it wasn't so boring.
Living in Berkeley: do you realize how much more beautiful & laid-back this city is, compared to cold ugly unhappy New York? Boy, you all made shitty decisions there.
Living in New York: Did you hear about the Manatee sighting?
Old College Days: Our Freshman friends returned this week, they're all adult seniors now.
Daisy Press: I had a dream that she lived above me, & I was mad at her that she stomped around at five in the morning in high heels. In reality, it was Gloria, our upstairs neighbor's catsitter.
Our new apartment: It's sweet - it's huge, in a 1905 building, above an antique store. Also, it's not in Brooklyn.
Radio: My mother bought me an hour's radio time as a guest DJ. I think I'm just going to read "The Great Gatsby" for an hour. Have you heard Bob Dylan's show?
iPods: Do you know anyone whose iPod has not broken? Why aren't they better quality?
Movies: I didn't really care for "Metropolitan". You should decide whether you like a film after you've seen it. I'm excited about "Marie Antoinette." Whatshisname is playing Louix XVI.
Singer/Songwriter: I just wrote a song called "Gospel Train." It's a sequel to my song "I'm going to see my Lord." I play at an open mic night every Tuesday, at the Starry Plough. Also, I've been Sacred Harping every monday.
Friendship: I can't believe you couldn't make time to see me when I was in New York for a whole fucking month! You fuckface!
Life: My mother's been telling me about fate. I believe that patience and dedication brings what you want to you. Also, your thoughts have power - when you think something enough, often it comes to pass. Just like in Lolita!
Death: We live in the first culture where obesity is a sign of poverty. What the fuck is going on?



Anonymous said...

Daisy says : yeah, that was me stomping around in my high heels!!!!

Sorry about that.

James Welsch said...

Daisy, you're the annoying loud woman in the upstairs of my subconscious.